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SportsSportsl - kish island



Kish Free Zone Organization has provide sport grounds and modern facilities for tourists and the residents alike.

The unique climatic conditions of the Island has encouraged Kish Free Zone Organization to provide a wide range of water sports facilities .

Tourists can dynamically participate in sports such as : Cycling , Swimming , Parachuting , Horseback riding , Tennis , Football, Volleyball, Beach volleyball  , Basketball, Handball , Badminton , Such diving , Water skiing , Jet skiing , Windsurfing , etc .


Furthermore , excellent facilities can be hired at very reasonable prices, such as Karaneh sports club , a fully equipped health spa, which is located at the northern side of the Island.


Sports Complexes



The Olympic complex is the largest in Kish. It is comprised of a football field, tennis courts, swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts and facilities for many other sports. For easy access to sports facilities, 4 volleyball courts have also been built in different locations. Four additional small and standard size football fields are also available. These are situated near Marjan Bazaar, Saffain District, The Water & Electricity Supply Co. and the Art Center.

Cycling Track



Kish island has over 50 km cycling track, which stretches all around the island .Cycling is a popular sport in Kish and public cycling days are arranged by K.F.Z.O. in order to encourage people to cycle. Also private regular and electric bike rental stations are available.

Glider flights



Kish Gliding School opened in 1996. It is one the branches of Civil Aviation Training Center (C.A.T.C) which is a member of International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O). It issues flying licenses and is located in Hormoz square.

Horseback riding club



Kish horseback riding club is located in the northern section of the island, in the Olympic village.

Horse-racing is a favorite sport in Kish & races are held throughout wintertime .Kish horseback Riding club has a clinic .

Scuba Diving



Diving is an ideal sport in Kish Island because of the exquisite coral reefs and rare fish species. The Kish Diving School offers also Padi courses with certificate for divers. Interested tourists can experience the world of underwater and its wonders.

Marine Sports Club

This club is located in the north-eastern side of the Island. The modern facilities and marine sports equipment of Kish Marina club include : Jet ski, water ski, parachute, yachts & sailboat, scuba diving and windsurfing, etc.

Tennis courts and Sports Facilities





Sports facilities in Kish are highly revered. Kish Sports Complex has six tennis courts and an international tennis stadium, which is located in the Olympic village at the northern part of the Island.







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