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     Industrial Investment

                                 in Kish Free Zone kish island

One of the major objectives of the free trade zones in Iran is to create the necessary grounds for industrial development through attracting foreign and domestic investors to these regions and also transferring technology to the country.

According to the Kish Master Plan, tourism and industries are  the two major axes of activity in the region. The plan reiterates the need to create production centers including light industries that could create jobs, and industries that require a high level of technology.

 In the master plan and the laws and regulations ruling  Kish Free trade Zone, there is no limitation for investment in the industrial, trade or production sectors. The only condition placed for the industrial sector is that  industries in Kish, a major tourism destination, should not pollute the environment. According to the expert planning made, it is estimated that in the short- term, a volume of 500 billion Rials plus 250 million dollars will be invested in this sector.

The Organization of the Kish Free Trade Zone, has established the necessary infrastructure facilities such as the water and electricity network, the industrial sewage network, the air and sea transportation network, the urban transportation network and  telecommunications facilities, in order to materialize  the Kish Master Plan in the field of industrial development.

     Ways to establish industrial units

The establishment of an industrial unit in Kish requires minimum amount of administrative formalities. Obtaining the authorization to establish and operate an industrial unit in Kish is carried out in the following three phases:

1-            Obtaining  the permission for establishment

In this phase the applicant, whether a real or corporate person fills out a form and supplies the necessary information on his proposed plan to the Organization.  If the plan is not in contradiction with the laws and regulation of the region and religious laws, and  does not pollute the environment, the permission of  establishment will be issued by the Organization within a short period of time. The permission has a limited validity during which the investor must provide the land and begin the construction. If the construction takes longer than the time given, this time period can be extended.

2- Provision of Land

After obtaining the permission of establishment, the investor must provide his land in one of Kish’s industrial  Parks ( provision of land by the organization has been described in Chapter 4).


3-licensing the Operation

After construction is completed the license for the operation of the industrial unit is issued  by the Organization .


Priority Industries

According to the Kish Master Plan and the laws and regulations ruling over the region, there is no limitation for investing in industrial activities, unless the activity creates pollution. But in general, considering Kish’s situation and its future prospects, the following industries are of priority in the light and medium-sized industries:

1- High-tech industries

2- Export-oriented industries

3- Electronic and computer industries

4- Audio-visual industries

5- Medical and dentistry instruments and appliances

6- Home appliances industries

7- Clothing and textile industries

8- Modern packaging industries

9- Food processing, pharmaceutical and hygienic industries


Existing Industries in Kish

 During the past decade ,investment in industrial activity in Kish Island has seen a  considerable growth. Currently there are more than 110 industrial units operating in the island and several others  under construction.

The major industries active in the Kish Free Trade Zone are:

1- Electric and electronic industries, including units producing computer games, modems, assembly of computers and printers, video cassettes, and medical and laboratory equipment

2- Clothing and textile industries including units producing all sorts of clothes, footwear and  and leather products.

3-Food industries, lab kits, hygienic and pharmaceutical products, irrigation water systems.

4- Chemical and cellulose industries including units producing fiberglass and car bodies, PVC doors and windows and all sorts of wooden products and stationery

5- Non-ferrous industries including units for the processing  raw crystal through sandblasting and cutting, and production of construction materials.

6- Metal and car manufacturing industries (Sinad 1 and 2 passenger cars manufactured by Kish Khodro Company), welding electrodes,spot welding, seals and bicycles.


Oil and oil derivatives industry has proved appealing to domestic and foreign investors in the recent years. Kish Island is close to major oil fields in the Persian Gulf and development of oil and gas fields in this region has prepared the grounds for the presence of international oil companies in Kish.

The project for the establishment of an oil logistics support base by the Kish Island Drilling Services Company is underway in Kish. The project has made a progress of over 30% so far. With the completing of this project, Kish Island will supply logistic drilling, utility, technical and engineering services to oil platforms. Another project is under construction by Total, Agip, Petro Pars and Petro Iran companies. The project will serve as a support base for the above oil companies in Kish Island. Total is the first company to have stationed its logistics base in Kish Island for a period of nine months. In later stages, the managers of Total Company decided to set up a permanent logistics base on Kish Island. Subsequently, other oil companies took similar measures and set up their logistics bases in Kish.


Industrial Parks     

In order to concentrate industrial and warehousing activities as well as industrial services and manufacture of construction materials, four industrial parks and one workshop parks intended for the production of construction material have been set up in Kish. Many plots of land located in these districts have been ceded to investors and many complexes under construction are completed now. Concentration of

manufacturing units in the industrial and workshop districts has facilitated the supply of services and utilities to them.



          Company Directories



Company Name: Afra Karan
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 4432058
Address: No. K32, Industrial Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Alborz gas kish
Activity: Gas Charging
Tel: 4450013-14 , 4441313, 194
Address: No.24-26, 4th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Anna Kish
Activity: Cold Storage
Tel: 4421611, 09347693144
Fax: 4420249,4421612
Address: Industrial Complex2



Company Name: Arian Warehouse and cold Storage
Activity: Arian Warehouse and cold Storage services
Tel: 4430193, 0934769 2601, 4433652
Fax: 4430193
Address: Unit 33, 3rd St., Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Ashena Kish
Activity: Ice and cold Storage,Agency of Behfam french fries
Tel: 4422974, 09347691890, 2776
Fax: 4424034
Address: Ashna Blvd.



Company Name: Baradaran Shalchi(S.H Kish )
Activity: Clothing
Tel: 4430220-2
Fax: 4430221
Address: No. MA101, 6th. St. Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Basak(Ayandeh-Kish Trading & Investment Company
Activity: Tourism & Hoteling, Building Project
Tel: 4420590-7, 4433965-7,4433969
Fax: 4420595



Company Name: Behraz Kish
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 44430730-1
Address: No. 29, 3rd St., Industrial Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Chap Gotenberg
Activity: Print
Address: No.28-30,2th St., Industrial Complex1,Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Chap Kish
Activity: Print
Tel: 4430511-4430510
Fax: 4432690
Address: No. MA20, Industrial Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Chaylagh
Activity: Sand and Asphalt
Tel: 0934769 2100-1592-1591-1285
Fax: 4455331
Address: Front of Sahar Camp,sahar Road.,South of Kish



Company Name: Cylan Kish
Activity: Sugar
Tel: 4452104,4430506
Fax: 4430506
Address: No.MA59,Chap Kish St., Ind.Complex1,derakht sabz



Company Name: Cylan Kish
Activity: Clothing,Pillow, Mattress
Tel: 4430507,4452104
Fax: 4430506
Address: No.MA23,Chap Kish St.,Ind.Complex1,Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Eisa Zadeh Moghadam
Activity: Clothing
Address: No.MA58,Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Elizeh Kish
Activity: Perfume and Deodorant
Tel: 4432125-6
Fax: 4430987
Address: No.MA54,After Chap Kish,Ind.Complex1,DerakhtSabz



Company Name: Exir Kish
Activity: Mineral Water
Tel: 4431309,4430361, 4430362
Fax: 4430032
Address: No.MA31,Chap kish st.,Ind.complex1, derakht sabz



Company Name: Farapoush Kish
Activity: Clothing
Address: No.MA27,Chap Kish St.,Ind. Complex1,Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Fuman Kish
Activity: Home appliances,TV,tape recorder, meat grinder...
Tel: 4431531-4
Fax: 4431535
Address: No.1 & 8, Industrial Complex No.1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Fuman Kish
Activity: Artificial Plastic
Tel: 4431531-3
Fax: 4431534
Address: No.1, 1th St., Ind Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: gazelle Kish Co. Ltd.
Activity: Manufacturing & Export
Tel: 4430323
Fax: 4430323
Address: No. A1, First Street, Ind. Complex 1, Kish Island



Company Name: Ghand Kish
Activity: Sugar
Tel: 4432488,4432588
Address: End of 6th St.,Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Gohar Kish
Activity: Producer of fresheners
Tel: 4420631-2
Fax: 4420631
Address: No. 18, Industrial Complex 5



Company Name: Hadi Amokhteh
Activity: Clothing
Tel: (0934)769 1825 & 4430196
Fax: 4430197
Address: No.34, 4th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Harareh Kish
Activity: Sand and Asphalt
Tel: 4430460
Fax: 4430460
Address: Front of Sahar Camp,Sahar Road,South of Kish



Company Name: Haraz Kish
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 4431100, 09347693573
Fax: 4431101
Address: No. MA102, 6th Street, Industrial Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: HOERBIGER Kish Ltd.
Unit No: 3
Activity: Compression Technology
Tel: 021 2027565,021 22748650-2
Fax: 021 22027888
Address: Unit 314, No. 140 Moghadas-e-Ardabili St. Valiassr Avenue- P.O.Box 19835/191 Tehran, Iran - Unit 3, OfficeFloor, Paniz Int. Bazzar, Kish Island



Company Name: Iran Hedieh
Activity: Clothing
Tel: 4441572
Address: No.54, Chap Kish St. Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Ireal schique scrin
Activity: Print on the Textile
Tel: 4430740, 4430747
Address: No.10,2th St., Industrial Complex5,kish Island



Company Name: Isfahan-Kish stone Industrials Co.
Activity: Production and presentation of all kind stone
Tel: 0934769 8922-9879, 09131110043
Fax: 4450128
Address: Plaque plate No. 50 and No. 56 Work Shop Town, Kish Island



Company Name: Kar choub
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 4422529
Address: Kish Island, Industrial Complex2



Company Name: Kiasa Kish
Activity: Key and Lock
Tel: 4430784
Fax: 0218711786
Address: No. MA6, 5th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Kish Acardeon
Unit No: 214
Activity: Several kind of Door, Window, ..
Tel: 4451759, 0934769 8445, 09123005888
Address: Hormoz Bazaar



Company Name: Kish Aluminco
Activity: Aluminium Parapets
Tel: 4431287
Address: No. 99, Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Kish Beton Jonoub Co.
Activity: Product ready mix Concrete by automatic batching plant product light weight concrete peaces such as pavement, curbstone, product precast concrete roofs such as hollow care, dublet
Tel: 4422008-9, 4423420-21,4424911-12, 4420566-7,442335
Fax: 4424912
Address: No. 18, 3 Ind. Phase, Airport St., Hormoz Sq., Kish Island



Company Name: Kish Gas
Activity: Gas Charging
Tel: 4441313-4, 194,0934769 1473, 2424, 4511
Fax: 4450013-4
Address: Raeis Ali Delvary St., South of Kish Island



Company Name: Kish Khodro
Activity: Manufacture cars
Tel: 4434081-4
Fax: 4434080
Address: No.21-23,38Industrial ComplexNo.3,St.2,DerakhtSabz



Company Name: Kish Laminate
Activity: Laminated coatings, wood-made products, Kitchens cupboard, agent of lady s Arpa, Spain s Roya Cupboards, Pamesa ceramics
Tel: 4422353
Fax: 4424362
Address: Next to main entrance of air base



Company Name: Kish Nosh
Activity: Mineral Water
Tel: 4430337,09347698915, 7289, 8854
Fax: 4433555
Address: No.40,3th st.,Ind. Complex1



Company Name: Kish Paltar
Activity: Clothing
Tel: 4430599
Address: No.39, 2th St. Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Kish Panaroma
Activity: Wood Decoration
Tel: 4430232
Fax: 4430232
Address: Industrial Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Kish Plastic
Activity: plastics and nylon products
Tel: 4430768
Fax: 4430769
Address: No.31-33, 2th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Kish star
Activity: Polytar
Tel: 4450405-8
Fax: 4450003
Address: No. 64, Ind. Complex3, Kish Island



Company Name: Kish Talaie
Activity: Tissue Paper, Steel Knives
Tel: 4430761-3
Fax: 4430330
Address: No. 55, 2th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Kish Wood Industries
Activity: Furniture and Wood Products
Tel: 4421680-1 , 4421572-5 , 4421293
Fax: 4420555
Address: No. 11,21,22, Industrial Complex 5



Company Name: Konar Kish
Activity: Producer of Several kind of wood Fascia
Address: hall 22, Phase 5, Kish Ind. Zone



Company Name: Koomeshgostar
Unit No: 2
Activity: Construction co.
Address: Paniz Bazaar



Company Name: Kosar
Activity: Ice
Tel: 4430640, 4431438, 09347693242
Fax: 4430640
Address: No.63,Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Latif Kish
Activity: Oxygen and Nitrogen gas
Tel: 4432666
Fax: 4432666
Address: No. 46, 3th St. Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Letafat Kish
Activity: Clothing
Tel: 4431808
Fax: 4431808
Address: No.86, 5th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Mahara Kish
Activity: Hair Color
Address: No. MA54, Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Malach
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 0934769 8563
Address: Khansheir St. , old Safein



Company Name: Markaze Pakhshe Poshak
Activity: Clothing
Tel: 09347691825 & 4430196
Fax: 4430197
Address: No.MA34, 3th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht sabz



Company Name: Mojalal Mehr
Activity: Metal Artificial and Cupboard
Tel: 44230808
Address: No. 95, 4th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Nak Kish
Activity: Oil Seal, UNP Packing, O-Ring, Wiper Seal, Mechanical
Tel: 4430781
Fax: 4430780
Address: No.MA51-52, Industrial Complex No. 3, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Nan Kish
Activity: Bread, Cookie, . . .
Tel: 4431305-6
Fax: 4431307
Address: No.59-60,Ind.complex1, derakht sabz



Company Name: Nandemon Kish
Activity: Clothing
Tel: 4423297
Fax: 4430764
Address: No.R52, 5th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Neydasht Kish
Activity: Wood Industrial
Tel: 0934769 4473-8251
Address: 6 St. , Derakht Sabz, Kish



Company Name: Omran Kish
Activity: Intl'Consulting & Investments Services
Tel: 09347693191, 09123077178
Fax: 4432473-4
Address: No. 27, Shaghayegh Services Complex, Safein



Company Name: Pardis-800 toni
Activity: Cold Storage
Tel: 4420568-9
Fax: 4420571
Address: No.7,8 9, Industrial Complex 5



Company Name: Pars PVC Kish
Activity: UPVC Doors and Windows and profiles
Tel: 4420640-1
Fax: 4420640
Address: No. 12, Ind. Complex 5, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Pegah Kish
Activity: Food Stuff packing and Distribution
Tel: 4430900-1
Fax: 4430902
Address: No.17,first st.,Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: permalon Kish
Activity: Building Services
Tel: 4423633
Fax: 4423633
Address: P.O.Box 1515, Kish



Company Name: Rang Ronagh Kish
Activity: Building and decorative paints
Tel: 4430757, 4432608
Fax: 4432605
Address: No. 107-109, 4th St.Derakht Sabz, Ind. Complex 1



Company Name: Rokhsareh Kish
Activity: Clothing
Tel: 4430465
Address: No.21, Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Sahoyan Electronic Kish(agency of Koreas CMTeek)
Activity: Translation machines,Electronic and Communication
Tel: 4424444
Fax: 4420612
Address: No. 5, Ind. Complex



Company Name: Sanaye Choob Morvarid
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 09347694325
Address: Near to Hotel Saha , Paygah Havaee



Company Name: Sanaye Choob nik amin
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 4431245
Address: No. K3, 3rd St., Industrial cxomplex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Sanaye Choobie Rashestan
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 4421408, 09347694294
Address: No. 222, Industrial Phase, Hormoz Bazaar



Company Name: Sanaye Choobie Sekoya
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 0934769 9382, 5754
Address: Infront of fair Station



Company Name: Sanaye Kish Novin choub
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 0934769 4258
Address: Next to Top Servic, Infront of fair station



Company Name: Sanayeh Choob Rojan
Activity: Wooden decoration
Tel: 09347695461-2842-5461-2842
Address: Next to Pars Gas , in front of Atash neshani, Kish



Company Name: Sang Kasra 110 Ind.
Activity: Procurement and Distribution of Building Materials
Tel: 0934 769 5402, 09121214040,4450137
Address: No. 58 , Kargahi Complex, Kish Island



Company Name: Sayand Kish
Activity: Sand Papers
Tel: 4431840
Fax: 4431841
Address: No.MA106,6th St., Industrial Complex1,Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Sayeban Sazan Kish
Activity: sunshade
Tel: 4433589,09347692617
Fax: 4433589,4456088
Address: Kish Island , Derakh sabz Ind. Complex, No. 6
Website: -



Company Name: Shada Kish
Activity: Soap, Shampoo, Hair Color,...
Tel: 4431713
Fax: 4431962
Address: No. 35, Chap Kish St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: SMS
Activity: Hair Color Shampoo
Tel: 4432090-1
Fax: 4431329
Address: No. 28-30, 2th St., Ind. Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Super Drip International Kish
Activity: Drip irrigation pipes
Tel: 4430333-4
Fax: 4430334
Address: No. MA75,6th St.,Industrial Complex1, Derakht Sabz



Company Name: Tangestan Kish Factory
Activity: Bicycles
Tel: 4431470-2
Fax: 4431473
Address: No.68,No.3,Industrial Complex No.1, DerakhtSabz



Company Name: Zandeian
Activity: Wood Products
Tel: 4431213
Address: No. MA54, Industrial Complex1, Derakht Sabz






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