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حكومت : پرنس نشین     
مساحت :  6/1كیلومترمربع      
جمعیت :   876/29 نفر    
رشد سالانه جمعیت :4/1 درصد   

پایتخت : موناكوویل    
زبان   : فرانسوی ایتالیایی    
دین : مسیحی    

 واحد پول : فرانك فرانسه


موناكو پس از واتیكان دومین كشور كوچك و مستقل جهان  است كه در ساحل فرانسوی دریای مدیترانه ونزدیك به  مرز ایتالیا واقع شده است. شهرهای آن عبارتند از: موناكو -  لاكوندامین فونت ویل و مونته كارلو. عمده درآمدهای  ارزی آن، از توریسم و صنایع دستی، حاصل می شود.  واحدهای تجاری موناكو، عموماً در ساحل این كشور  احداث  شده اند.


map of Monaco



اطلاعات بازرگانی سایر کشورها



Western Europe.

Capital :
Monaco-Ville. Population: 1,034 (2000).

1.95 sq km (0.75 sq miles).

Monaco is second only to the Vatican as the smallest independent state in Europe. Set on the Mediterranean coast of France just a few miles from the Italian border, the principality is a constitutional monarchy and relies largely on foreign currency for an economic base. Its principal industry is tourism. The country is a narrow ribbon of coastline backed by the Alpes-Maritimes foothills, creating a natural amphitheatre overlooking the sea, with the population centred in four districts. Monaco-Ville is set on a rocky promontory dominating the coast. The Palace is the home of the Grimaldi family, the oldest ruling house in Europe. Monaco-Ville also boasts a fine Romanesque cathedral among its other attractions. La Condamine is the area around the Port, while Monte-Carlo is the main centre for business and entertainment. Fontvieille has been set aside as an area for new light industrial and residential development

Population :
32,600 (estimate 2007).

French. Mon?�gasque (a mixture of French Proven?�al and Italian Ligurian), English and Italian are also spoken. Native Mon?�gasques make up only a minority of Monaco’s population.

Monaco has a mild climate throughout the year, the hottest months being July and August, and the coolest being January and February. Rain mostly falls during the cooler winter months and there is an average of only 60 days’ rain per year.

Economy - overview:
Tourism is also a major source of revenue

Tourism is also a major source of revenue

Pharmaceuticals, perfumes and clothing.

Main imports: Electricity. • Main trade partners: France and Italy

Exchange rates:
The Euro is the official currency.




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