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Southern Europe, bordering the Aegean Sea, Ionian Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea,

between Albania and Turkey



total: 131,940 sq km



10,647,529 (July 2004 est.)



Greek 99% (official), English, French


Economy - overview:

Greece has a mixed capitalist economy with the public sector accounting for half of GDP

and with per capita GDP 70% of the leading euro-zone economies. Tourism provides 15% of GDP.





tourism; food and tobacco processing, textiles; chemicals, metal products; mining, petroleum


Exports - commodities:

food and beverages, manufactured goods, petroleum products, chemicals, textiles


Imports - commodities:

machinery, transport equipment, fuels, chemicals



euro (EUR)



Useful links:

  • Ministries & Organization

Office of the Prime Minister

Greek Parliament

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Agriculture

Ministry of Culture

Ministry of Development

Ministry of the Environment

Ministry of Labor

Ministry of Economy and Finance

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace

Ministry of Economics

Ministry of the Aegean

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ministry for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works

Ministry Of Health and Welfare

Ministry Of Transportation and Communications

Ministry of Public Order

Ministry of Interior

Ministry of Mercantile Marine


Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Thessaloniki 


Thessaloniki International Fair 

ELOT - Hellenic Organization for Standardization 

Greece Customs 

Hellenic Centre for Investment  (ELKE)

National Bank of Greece  

Athens Stock Exchange

Greek Banks

Information for the Public (Civil Service - Government Organizations)

Greek National Statistical Service

National Centre for Social Research

  • Tourism

Air Greece

Athens Airport





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