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Country name:

conventional long form: Republic of Austria
conventional short form: Austria
local long form: Republik Oesterreich
local short form: Oesterreich






Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia



total: 83,870 sq km
land: 82,444 sq km
water: 1,426 sq km



8,184,691 (July 2005 est.)


Map of Austria



German (official nationwide), Slovene (official in Carinthia), Croatian (official in Burgenland), Hungarian (official in Burgenland)


Economy- Overview:



construction, machinery, vehicles and parts, food, chemicals, lumber and wood processing, paper and paperboard, communications equipment, tourism


Exports - commodities:

machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, paper and paperboard, metal goods, chemicals, iron and steel; textiles, foodstuffs


Imports - commodities:

machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, chemicals, metal goods, oil and oil products; foodstuffs


Exchange rates:

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  • About Austria
    There is available to find out Austria's general outlook on the issues of its social and business profile, passport/visa, money, accommodation, government, duty free, health and so forth.
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    Employment in Austria
  • Jobs in Austria
    Employment in Austria
































































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