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                                Kish Trade Promotion Center 

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Kish Industry

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Kish Institute of Science & Technology

Address: End of Amir mosque St., Opposite of  Maryam Mall

Tel: 4422134

Fax: 4422135



Civil Utilite Company

Address: Opposite Almas Bazaar, Khatamolanbia Blvd., Kish

Tel: 4431970-3

Fax: 4431982


Kish Air

Address: Pardis 1 Bazaar

Tel: 4423517 , 4423857

Fax: 4423817


Kish Engineering and Development

Address: Opposite Mokhaberat, Sanaei Street

Tel: 4431970-5



Kish Investment and Development Co.

Address: Sanaei Street

Tel: 4424403

Fax: 4423411


Kish Tourism Development Company

Address: Sanaei Street

Tel: 4422434-5




Kish Trade Promotion Center

Address: Sanaei Street

Tel: 4421570, 4421046

Fax: 4421047



Kish Water and Electricity

Address: Past Dolphin Square

Tel: 4422187 , 4424880-3

Fax: 4422874


Payam Kish Institute

Address: Kish Air Bldg., Sadaf Square

Tel: 4422740

Fax: 4424169



Kish Sports Center

Address: Before Central Communications Center, Sanaei Street

Tel: 4424625



Welfare Fund Institute

Address: Opposite Almas Bazaar, Khatamolanbia Blvd., Kish

Tel: 4431850

Fax: 4431853







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