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Kish Island - Iran

Tourism Situation in Kish

Around 40 years ago, when a group of western experts came to the island to survey its tourism situation, they compared it with the best tourist islands in the  world and predicted a bright future for it.


 Since then  Kish Island has taken long  and proud strides in order to realize the position that it deserves.

Due to its natural attractions, pleasant weather more than seven months a year, and several recreational and sports centers, today the island has turned into a favorite tourism destination in Iran and the region.

Hotels and Motels

Since Kish is a tourist island  and annually hosts 1.5 million guests, heavy investment has been made there by the Organization ,and the  private  sector to establish hotels  and motels. Kish currently has 11 hotels,12 apartment hotels,18 motels and 4 guesthouses with 6500 beds.


Kish hotels have  a wide range of facilities that provide an easy choice for tourists and travelers according to their budget and taste.


In addition to the restaurants serving travelers in hotels, there are tens of small and large restaurants  with Iranian and foreign cuisine, and the  travelers can chose their favorite spot according to their taste  with full assurance about the quality services.


Food in these restaurants is found for almost every taste.  Seafood, due to the diversity of fishing, is deliciously prepared in most restaurants, and seems to be the first choice of Iranian and foreign tourist.


Due to their tourism status, Kish restaurants are normally open till late at  night, and in addition to their delicious food, they also hold pop music concerts, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for  their guests.


Tourism agencies

There are dozens of tourist agencies throughout Kish which facilitate traveling for Iranian and foreign tourists.

Visitors who use these agencies can easily buy tickets, make hotel reservations and plan their tours on the island.

These agencies work under the supervision of the Kish Tourism Development Institute, and provide the tourists with excellent services.

Kish beachesKish Island - Iran

The coral coasts of Kish Island have a special glow    under the sunlight. The seawater near the coasts is so clear, that one can see the depths of the sea and all its aquatic life that are unique in their kind. These beaches are safe and there are no dangerous creatures in the region; thus those interested in fishing and swimming can go for their favorite sports. Tourists can benefit from Kish beaches, sea and sun all year round.

Facilities such as a recreational jetty, glass-bottomed boats, motorboats, and scuba diving equipment are available on the beaches.

Other recreational and sports facilities

-the World Miracles’ Park with a collection of all sorts of  aquatic life, reptiles, birds,etc…

-the Dolphin Park Complex ,comprised of the dolphin and seal pools, bird  garden, cactus garden, underwater aquarium, etc..

-Hoor’s cabin , that includes a collection of tools used for exploiting non –pollutant energies

-the Saffein district ,where the  friendly aboriginals  live

-parks, green areas and several  date palm fields

-several recreational and sports facilities including a horse-back riding  club, bicycling routes and tracks, marine sports complex, football field, volleyball ground and tennis courts, etc..

-cultural centers  and halls, including the Hafez and Palm Date Halls, the coastal Saba cinema  and the digital cinema.

Kish Conference Complex

In 1997, the Kish Free Trade Organization planned to build a large cultural center. The program included the construction of a hall with 850 seats, equipped with modern audio-visual systems for holding domestic and international conferences. Among other facilities of this complex is a 450-seat hall equipped with mobile sceneries, modern lighting and audio-visual facilities, for holding performances and plays, as well as a 250-seat hall for festivals. There are a number of libraries, art centers and smaller halls beside this complex. The area of the complex is 27 000 sq m.

Kish tourist attractions

Kish has a variety of tourist attractions that can be of much interest to a wide category of tourists. Its untapped nature, beautiful beaches and green areas, alongside the clear azure waters of the Persian Gulf have created a unique combination.


Due to the short time the tourists have for visiting different places on the island, they usually prefer to visit the following attractions:

The Ancient Town of HarirehThe Ancient Town of Harireh

Most probably the ancient town of Harireh is the same town mentioned by the renowned Persian poet Saadi in his book Golestan.

According to the writings of Iranian and Arab historians, the town of Harireh had been located in the center of the northern part of the island, where the ruins of the city can be seen today.


Visiting this ancient town is an opportunity to get acquainted with the island’s history while having a nice time at the Green Tree Recreational Complex, situated near the ancient city.


Ancient water cellars

 The inhabitants of Kish, in the past, used a kind of traditional storage system to gather rainwater. These storages were dug in the ground and built with a domed roof. With the emergence of water desalination facilities, these storages lost their significance. But their remnants are still  an interesting site for tourists to visit.

Underground Town of Cariz

The Kish qanat is more than 2,500 years old, and currently it has been converted into an underground town  at a depth of 16 meters below the surface, with an area of more than 10,000 sq m.


In the reconstruction of this qanat named Cariz, spaces have been allocated to handicraft stalls, restaurants and traditional teahouses, amphitheaters, conference centers, and art galleries.  Efforts have been made to preserve the traditional and historis fabric of the site.

Sunset by the Greek Ship

Years ago, for some unknown reason, a Greek cargo ship got close to Kish’s coasts and was stuck in the mud. Watching the sunset beside this ship is fascinating and the  atmosphere created  to rest near the ship is very popular with tourists.




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