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Welcome From The Deputy of Exhibitions & Conventions Affairs



I would like to extend warm welcome to you on your visit to the (KTPC) web site.

Kish Investment and Development Company- affiliated to Kish Free Zone Organization - has been established with the mandate of facilitating commercial exchanges between overseas firm and the manufacturing & trading companies Kish Island



             The functions of Kish Investment and Development Company

  1. Facilitate the organization of exclusive exhibitions on the Kish Island or participate in international and specialized trade exhibition.

  2. Assist with promotional campaigns on the Island through setting up product catalogue show or country business weeks and exhibition.

  3. Provide trade information services and handling trade inquiries.

  4. Establish contacts and develop ties between overseas entrepreneurs and Iranian business community and trade organizations.

  1. Facilitate the entry of trade delegations onto the Kish Island and plan their visiting schedule.

  2. Arrange specialized conference and seminars on the Kish Island.

  3. Supply advisory services in all commercial and industrial fields.

  4. Provide full range of trade services to manufacturing , industrial and trading firms doing business with Iran.








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