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Kish’s malls and trade complexes


The malls and markets  of every city or district including traditional markets and modern malls are a symbol of the economic  and trade situation of that city or district.




The existence of several malls and markets visited by many people indicates the economic stability, assurance and security that the investors, and businesspeople as well as consumers feel.

Kish’s markets are the driving force of its economy; the beautiful and modern architecture is unique in the Middle East and Persian Gulf regions  in terms of the diversity of goods and  representative branches of the largest world companies.

Kish’s markets and malls are undoubtedly one of the  main attractions that draw a considerable number of travelers from Iran and other parts of the world to the island. Every tourist and traveler, who has come to Kish with whatever intention, will certainly visit its markets and hardly anyone leaves the markets empty- handed. There are currently 14 large markets and trade complexes  in Kish, the majority of which  has been established about 10 years ago.

 Kish’s main markets and malls are:




 Kish’s main markets and malls





1 Company Directories (Arabha Bazar) 4430012 4432120
2 Company Directories (Behkish  Bazar) 4422526 4423143
3 Company Directories (Hormoz Bazar) 4421300 4421301

Company Directories (Kish Trade center)

4422334 4422234

Company Directories (Marjan  Bazar)

4442090 4442590

Company Directories (Morvarid  Bazar)

4442094 4442093

Company Directories (Paniz  Bazar)

4420021 4422192

Company Directories (Paradise  I  Bazar)

4422068-9 44

Company Directories (Paradise II  Bazar)

4420220-4 4420220-4

Company Directories (Pars Khalij  Bazar)

4430557-4432380 4430223

Company Directories (Venous  Bazar)

4423521 4421521

Company Directories (Maryam Bazar)

4442094 4422220

Company Directories (Zeiton  Bazar)

4424166 4424163







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