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 Kish Climate


The weather in Kish island is warm and humid. The average temperature is 27C and rarely surpasses 35C. July and August are the hottest months and the temperature reaches its lowest in January and February -- providing the most favorable climate for the residents of the island. The lowest temperature never falls blew 3C and that can be expected only a few days in the winter . So, certain seasons make a trip to Kish even more pleasant, and while it is cooler and humidity is less, the sea water is still warm.

Meteorological studies on Kish indicate that the weather begins to cool down in late September and the trend continues until April when it is most favorable.

Kish has a low precipitation. Therefore, the islandís vegetation can withstand heat and does not depend much on water.
In spite of the low precipitation, humidity - as in other Persian gulf littoral states - is relatively high due to the regionís special climactic conditions. Humidity sets in late March and gradually rises over the next 9 months. At certain times, particularly in the late summer, the humidity level rises so high that in early mornings, one can see dew on the islandís vegetation and impermeable surfaces of rocks - as if the island has been washed by a night time rainfall.
The climactic data and information indicate that Kish has warm weather with a relatively high percentage of humidity. it is concluded from the data that the average annual temperature is about 26-27C. July and August are the hottest months of the year and January and February are the coolest.
The average maximum temperature has been recorded above 30C and the average minimum at 21C . The absolute maximum temperature has registered to be 49C and the minimum 2-7C in November and January.
Monthly temperature difference in the Persian Gulf, including Kish , is lower than in the mainlandís plateau and mountains.
During winter time, most parts of the Persian Gulf experience north- westerly wind drifts, but in the southern part, the windís direction is mainly from the west. In the Strait of Hormoz, it changes to south - westerly. Mild to moderate monsoon winds blow from the north-west during this season.
During summer, monsoon winds in the northern part of the Gulf blow from the north-west to the south where in some areas 5 to 6 Knots have been recorded. Monsoon winds begin to change to wind and showers in September.
Relative humidity is fairly high all year round but differs according to time of the day and the season. The relative humidity along the coastline is higher than the city, but that is no reason for more rain in the shores.
Precipitation on Kish is scant and varies as in other parts of the Persian Gulf. Rainy season in this area is between late October and late April. Winds bring rain bearing clouds to the area 3 to 6 times on the average. Rainfall during fall and spring occurs mainly in the form of thunder showers, whereas in the winter, it drizzles.
The average annual precipitation on Kish island, based on the 1965-75 experience, is 150.7 mm -- 82% of which occurs during winter, about 15% during fall, and the rest during spring and summer.

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