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Kish’s Trade Position

Kish’s history is intertwined with its trade and commercial activities. According to accredited historical evidence from  the 5th-10th centuries after Hejira, Kish was one  of the most important regional trade centers. Tradesmen from all over the world came to Kish for trading purposes.


Marco Polo’s reference to the trade of expensive  fabrics in Kish , and one or two interesting  stories by the great Iranian poet and traveler Sa'adi , in which he has implicitly pointed to a prospering trade in Kish , indicate the island’s excellent trade status in the past centuries.


In recent times and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran ,Kish's trade was considered as one of its major axes of development. For this reason special facilities were provided for  the import and export of goods in this region. After Kish was declared Iran’s first Free Trade Zone, businessmen from other cities and regions came to the area for carrying out trade and investment activities , and  in a short time several important trade centers were established in Kish.


Kish’s tourism status and the arrival of more than 1.5 million tourists in the island each year, for sightseeing and shopping, further enhance the prosperity of the island’s trade and commercial activities.


Businessmen working in Kish, apart from enjoying special facilities for importing and exporting goods, also enjoy certain other additional privileges:


They easily engage in trade activities with  Iran’s domestic  market  of 60 million people; they  use the closest, cheapest and  most secure  route for  exporting their goods to the Central Asian countries; they use the services and facilities of  storage in Kish to store their goods , and later  to sell them in the island or re-export them; they use modern urban life facilities and also benefit from dozens of other privileges that encourage them to stay and  carry on their business activities.


Facilities for trade activity in Kish

One of the important goals of establishing the Kish Free Trade Zone has been to  create a suitable atmosphere for developing international trade and  to provide for an effective presence in  regional and international trade scenes. Facilitation of customs and  tax laws is the first step taken to materialize this goal.


According to the law, the import of any type of goods to Kish, with the exception of goods  banned by Islamic law, is allowed. These goods can be imported from any origin except Israel. This task is carried out with the least amount of formalities, but abiding by health, security and cultural regulations and standards established in the island is  necessary for all importers. The import of goods to the Kish Free Trade Zone is subject to the  following conditions:

1-       Import of goods that are shipped into the Island from the Mainland or other domestic free trade/industrial zones shall be exempt from port and airport duties but are subject to service fees should they include construction materials, tools and fittings used for the construction of manufacturing, trade, service, residential and infrastructure projects.

2-       Machinery, raw materials, components and parts and equipment required by manufacturing units as well as spare parts for production machinery, capital vehicles (excluding passenger cars and pleasure boats) are exempt from port and airport duties and are subject to service fee only.

3-       Goods that are shipped into the Island from overseas or other free zones (excluding the above-mentioned cases) and are cleared on an outright basis are subject to port and airport duties and should such goods be re-exported the port    and airport fees shall be refundable.

4-    Import of goods for exhibition, re-export, re-packing, sorting, cleaning, grading, mixing, blending and similar operations is permissible on a temporary basis and under supervision of KFZO after service fees have been paid. Use or sale of such goods in the region on the basis of the value of the good at the time of their arrival into Kish shall be subject to port and airport fees and completion of formalities.

5-       Import of goods for storage on a deposit basis in the Island’s bonded warehouses for a specific period of time is permissible and transfer of such goods to warehouse is subject to the region’s local transit formalities.

6-       Import and unloading of goods in the ports of the region for the purpose of transshipment and transit is permissible provided that service fees are paid and routine formalities completed.

7-            Based on a recent decision made by the Organization of Free Zones, goods manufactured in the free zones shall be entitled to a discount of 50% in duties should they be shipped to other free zones.


Kish Trade Promotion Center (KTPC)

In order to create the necessary facilities for the promotion of  trade and exports, the Kish Free Trade Zone Organization established the Kish Trade Promotion Center in 2001 . The wide-scale programs under study and implementation by this center include:

-Carrying out research, economic and trade studies as well as surveying the production and export capability of the units established in Kish.

-Providing all sorts of booklets and books as well as publicity and promotional materials.

-Surveying the problems of producers and businesspeople in Kish and creating the necessary facilities to solve them.

-Cooperating with other Free Trade Zones in Iran and other countries.

-Holding training courses for elevating the scientific level of the manpower in the trade sector.

-Holding specialized conferences and trade fairs and taking part in international fairs.

-Cooperating with international organizations and world trade development organizations.

-Supplying advisory services in commercial and industrial fields.

-Inviting businesspeople and representatives of foreign institutions to visit the island and get familiar with its production and export capabilities and its trade successes

-creating an Export Processing Zone in the Kish Free Trade Zone


Kish’s malls and trade complexes

The malls and markets  of every city or district including traditional markets and modern malls are a symbol of the economic  and trade situation of that city or district. The existence of several malls and markets visited by many people indicates the economic stability, assurance and security that the investors, and businesspeople as well as consumers feel.


Kish’s markets are the driving force of its economy; the beautiful and modern architecture is unique in the Middle East and Persian Gulf regions  in terms of the diversity of goods and  representative branches of the largest world companies.


Kish’s markets and malls are undoubtedly one of the  main attractions that draw a considerable number of travelers from Iran and other parts of the world to the island. Every tourist and traveler, who has come to Kish with whatever intention, will certainly visit its markets and hardly anyone leaves the markets empty- handed. There are currently 14 large markets and trade complexes  in Kish, the majority of which  has been established about 10 years ago.

 Kish’s main markets and malls are:

Abshar Mall

Abshar Mall is one of the newly-founded markets in Kish, located near the Kish Tourism Complex. There are many stalls here with goods and services in different trade sectors. Abshar Restaurant is also situated in this mall.


Almas Mall

Almas Mall is one of Kish’s modern malls located in Saffein district. It has an area of 15,000 sq m  in  two floors ,and  230 trade stalls. The first phase of the Mall was opened in  2000.


Behkish Mall

Behkish Mall is one of Kish’s trade and services centers where several services and computer  companies offer all sort of goods and service.


Pars Khalij Mall

There are more than 130 trade units in Pars Khalij Mall  with all sorts of goods for the tourists to buy.


Pardis One Mall

This mall is one of the largest in Kish and has been constructed in the European style , through  consulting  with famous French architects. This mall has many collective installations that can well respond to the demands of the clients and visitors. All sorts of goods are found here and the majority of tourists in Kish  visit the mall during their stay. Many  famous producers of household appliances, and other goods available in world markets have  branches in this mall and all sorts of goods can be found here. The mall has  more than 200 shops, a restaurant and a traditional teahouse  with a pleasant atmosphere.


Pardis Two Mall

Pardis Two Mall is currently the largest and most modern mall on the island. It was inaugurated in 1999. It has an area of 22000 sq m in three floors with 200 shops ready to serve the clients . All sorts of amenities such as central air conditioning, escalators, elevators, goods transportation facilities, telecommunications services, etc ..are found here. The architecture of the internal halls of the mall has been designed  in a way that the visitors can rest or carry out recreational activities during their  visit. The  many halls and corridors of the mall have been designed beautifully.   Pardis Two  Mall has a garden with waterfalls and light displays.


Zeytoon Mall

Zeytoon Mall is one of the newest and most modern malls in Kish, with a surrounding  area of 5200 sq m and  7000 sq m of built-up area in three floors. Zeytoon Mall  has a beautiful architecture, especially its outer facade. The best type of construction material has been used in its halls and corridors. The mall has 95 trade stalls and 12 administrative stalls that are all equipped with central air conditioning systems, central audio systems, telecommunications, green areas and parkings.


Saffein Mall

This mall is located in the old part of the city and is administrated in the traditional style. The majority of its 70 stalls  belong to the locals and tradesmen working here before the establishment of the Kish Free Trade Zone .This mall is different from the new and modern malls of the island. However, because of the diversity of its goods, many tourist like to visit the mall.


French Mall

This mall was constructed prior to the victory of the Islamic Revolution and its architectural style is a mixture of Iranian and French architecture. The mall was renovated after Kish was announced a free trade zone and  resumed work in 1986.The mall has 52 active trade units and several  foreign  companies and producers have branches there.


Marjan Mall

The  Marjan Trade and Residential  Complex has an area of 25,000 sq m on a land of 200,000 sq m; its architecture is very attractive and unique. There are 200 shops in  Marjan Mall ,with 80 trade offices,120 suites, and 120 storage rooms. The Complex also has two restaurants that are open way into the night.


Kish Trade Center

The large Kish Trade Center with an area of 50,000 sq m is located near the Kish Tourism Complex and is one of Kish 's modern malls. Its land is  around  42000 sq m and it has 450 shops. The center also has recreational facilities that provide the visitors with  a pleasant atmosphere.


Morvarid Mall

Morvarid Mall, with 280 shops and an area of 11,000 sq m is one of the largest malls in Kish ; its architecture has been inspired by the era of the Achamenid Dynasty styles and by using all forms of ancient Iranian architecture and art. Its façade has beautiful light displays that are very eye-catching at night time .Morvarid Mall is comprised of 8 smaller malls named Apadana,Persepolis , Pasargad, Pars,  Tisfoon, Bistoon , Iran and Aria. The central hall of the Mall links these smaller malls together ,creating one of the most beautiful parts of the mall where plasterwork , stonework and copper engravings can be seen.


Maryam Mall

Maryam Mall is one of the first trade complexes built  in Kish after the victory of the Islamic Revolution ,and one of its major characteristics is that wooden material has been used in its construction, creating a beautiful scenery for the visitors to see. Maryam Mall has 50 large trade units ,and a restaurant.


Venus Mall

Venus Mall is one of Kish’s largest malls, constructed in the Venus International Complex. Its land is 100,000 sq m and the built-up area 32,000 sq m. Venus Mall has 160 shops with beautiful architecture and  decoration , including fountains, waterfalls, and light displays .












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