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 Free Trade Zones / Warehouses

Venezuela has four free trade zones. The Paraguana Peninsula Free Trade Zone is for industrial purposes only, is very small, and is being used by only a few enterprises. Another is the duty-free area comprised of the entire island of Margarita. The sale of duty-free merchandise from the island to the mainland is subject to quotas. In December of 1998 Merida was declared a free trade zone to the producers of goods and services within the cultural, scientific and technological areas. The most recent addition to the list is Santa Elena de Uairen in the State of Bolivar, which became a free trade zone in May of 1999.

Duty-free bonded warehouses are available at ports, airports and in most major towns. Industrial establishments can also be declared in-bond if these are used for assembly, completion or improvement of products for re-export.


















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