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    The General Organization of Free Zones (GOFZ) was established in 1972 to promote foreign investment in Syria and to exploit Syria's economic potential and historic role as a "commercial bridge" between East and West. Foreign-owned firms share the same investment opportunities in these areas as indigenous entities.

    There are free zones near the border town of Dar'a (a joint venture between Syria and Jordan); in Adra (north of Damascus); in Aleppo; in Damascus, and at Damascus International Airport. In addition, free zones are located in the ports of Latakia (intended mainly for storage of goods away from the port area where clearing the items is more difficult ) and Tartus. A project for the creation of a free zone port in the Tartus area is being planned.

    The government provides the following benefits to companies operating in the free zones:

      a. No import licensing requirement for inputs and goods entering the zones. Importers need only present a manifest as documentation and for inspection purposes. Only military and other prohibited items are excluded.
      b. No re-export regulations or restrictions are imposed except for military and internationally prohibited items.
      c. All goods entering and stored in the zones are exempt from local taxes and duties.
      d. All foreign exchange operations are free of applicable currency restrictions.
      e. Any commodity permitted to be imported into Syria can be imported from free zone
      manufacturing facilities, but an import permit is required.
      f. Access to private banks operating in the free zone areas.




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