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  • Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

    Free Trade Zones (FTZs) operate under Law No. 84/1992. General provisions include unrestricted entry and re-export of goods as well as exemption from customs duties and value added tax (for specific activities performed inside). They also include an exemption from profit taxes for the duration of a company's operations in the FTZ. The law further permits the leasing or transfer of buildings or lands for terms of up to 50 years to either legal person or natural persons, Romanian and non-Romanian.

    Currently, there are six FTZs: Sulina (located at the mouth of the Danube); Constanta-Sud Agigea (located close to the port of Constanta, at the entrance to the Black Sea-Danube Canal); Galati (located about 100 km from the Danube mouth); Braila (located 30 km up the Danube from Galati); Curtici-Arad (located about 30 km from the cross border with Hungary); and Giurgiu (located on the Danube, 60 km south of Bucharest)

    The administration of each FTZ is responsible for all activities performed within the zone. FTZs are under the authority of the Ministry of Public Works, Transportation and Housing.









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