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The Madeira International Business Center includes an Industrial Free Zone (41 licensed firms), a Financial Services Center (43 licensed bank branches), an International Services Center (2,833 licensed firms) and an International Shipping register (148 licensed firms). Madeira offers exemptions from corporate or individual income tax on licensed companies through the year 2011. It also offers grants of up to 100% of employee training costs and up to 50% of the cost of energy-saving changes in production measures. The Free Zone offers total exemption from customs duties on goods and raw materials imported into the zone; exemption from quotas on exports to the EU of goods produced in the zone; no payment of EU duties on local value-added; and no payment of EU duties on products incorporating EU raw materials and components. Foreign-owned firms have the same opportunities as domestic firms.


 The Azores has established a Free Trade Zone on the island of Santa Maria with tax and financial incentives.

Bonded warehouses:

Foreign products may be brought into Portugal and be stored in bonded warehouses duty-free for an unlimited period of time. There are five types of bonded warehouses depending on its public or private nature and whether its management is endorsed by the Customs authorities or by private entities (established in the territory of the EU). In some bonded warehouses it is possible to do some handling, assembling and or manufacturing of the stored goods.







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