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  • Free Trade Zones, Ports and Warehouses

    Paraguay is a landlocked country with no sea ports. However, it has been granted free trade ports and warehouses in neighboring countries' sea ports for the reception, storage, handling, trans-shipment, etc. of merchandise transported to and from Paraguay. The Paraguayan Port Authority manages its existing free trade ports and warehouses, but Paraguay has expressed interest in private sector concessions to develop and manage new free trade ports. Paraguayan free trade ports are located in Argentina (Buenos Aires and Rosario); Brazil (Paranagua, Santos, and Rio Grande do Sul); Chile (Antofagasta); and Uruguay (Montevideo and Nueva Palmira). To date, only the Brazilian free trade ports and one in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay, are operating normally. In early 1995, the government approved a law permitting free trade zones in Paraguay, but its application depends on ongoing discussions within Mercosur.





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