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Export Processing Zones Authority in Pakistan, is a Pakistan Government venture, which was formed with a vision to enhance and improve the exports of the country. The main objectives of EPZA are to boost industrialization and augment country's export by creating facilities for investors to enable them to set up export oriented units which would, as a consequence, create job opportunities, bring in new technology and attract foreign investment.
Established in 1980, EPZA is one of the fastest growing government projects in the country. At EPZA we believe in providing high quality services to enable "Export for Progress". The reason of our success is simple -- service with a mission. This success wouldn't have been achieved alone. There are various a sectors, which have worked together with us to enable us to stand where we are today.
EPZA is undertaking a very extensive program for setting up EPZs' in Pakistan. These EPZs' will be set up in close cooperation or under joint venture arrangement with private sector.
We invite our visitors to read why EPZA has been so successful -- the reason being YOU. We invite you to move ahead and join hands with us for a better tomorrow.


Mailing Address : Landhi Industrial Area, Mehran Highway , Karachi (PAKISTAN)
Phones : (92-21) 5082014

Fax : (92-21) 5082009 UAN : 111 777 222

1. Lt. Col Syed Akbar Hussain (Retd.) Chairman
Tel: 5082003-4 Fax:5082005

2. Mushtaq Ahmed Kazi, Director (Finance/Projects)
Tel: 5082006 Fax: 5081129

3.Capt (Retd) S. Waqar Hussain, Secretary (EPZA)
Tel: 5082007 Fax: 5080835

4. Pervaiz A Sankhla General Manager (Facilities/IP)
Tel: 5082010

5. M. Ashraf Wala General Manager (Projects LEPZA)

6. Mrs. Shahida Qaiser, Manager (Investment)
Tel: 5082023 Fax: 5082009

7. Mr. Shiraz Ahmed Khan, System Administrator (EPZA)
Tel: 5080814, 5080841 Fax: 5082009 Cell :0300-9205616
E-mail: ,

8. Mr. Kamran Ahmed Khan, System Administrator (EPZA)
Tel: 5080814, 5080841 Fax: 5082009 Cell :0300-2545097

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