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    The state-owned Las Mercedes Industrial Free Trade Zone is located near Managua's international airport. More than 40 firms (Nicaraguan, U.S., Asian, and European) are currently operating under the free trade zone regime (primarily manufacturing clothing). There are seven private free trade zones (Index, Saratoga, Opinsa, Unisebaco, San Marcos, Zip Argeņal and Senika). Investors report that the quality of the work is quite good for repetitive, simple tasks, but considerable additional training is necessary for employees to perform more complicated tasks. Employee absenteeism in the zones reportedly is higher than in Asian countries for similar work. The free zones generated $300 million in exports in 2000 versus $198 million in 1999. Direct employment rose from 21,472 in 1999 to 40,758 in 2000.

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