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  • Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

    Mauritius Freeport: The Mauritius Freeport was created in 1992 as a regional warehousing, distribution, and marketing center. In addition to more than 15,000 square meters of warehousing facilities provided by the Mauritius Freeport Authority, the government agency responsible for developing the Freeport, 55,000 square meters of infrastructural facilities have been constructed in recent years by private developers. These facilities include warehouses, cold rooms, and an International Trade Merchandising Center.

    In addition, the Freeport Authority is planning to set up a Freeport Air Cargo Logistics Center at the SSR International Airport for airport-based freeport activities such as courier services, mail ordering, telemarketing, warehousing, airport logistics facilities, aircraft maintenance and aviation-related services. As a first step, MFA is planning to do a feasibility study at the end of 2001. Contact Mr. Gerard Sanspeur, Director-General, Mauritius Freeport Authority, Freeport Zone 5, Mer Rouge, Port Louis, Mauritius; Tel: (230) 206-2500; Fax: (230) 206-2600; E-mail:

    The Freeport has grown substantially in recent years. At the end of 2000, the total number of freeport licenses issued reached 790, of which 224 companies were operational in such activities as transshipment/re-exportation, processing and assembly, and ship repair. Goods are imported mainly from China, India, Thailand and re-exported to Madagascar, Hong Kong, Singapore and African countries. Main products re-exported include frozen fish, textiles and accessories, machinery and electronic equipment, vehicles and spare parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foodstuffs.

    Export Processing Zone:

  • The Export Processing Zone was established in 1970 to encourage manufacturing for export. There is no formally designated zone, and EPZ companies are located throughout the island.

    Textiles and apparel account for 80% of EPZ exports, but there has been some diversification into manufacture of watches, electronic measuring instruments, jewelry, leather goods, toys, and optical goods. The government is now promoting information technology, printing and publishing, high-precision plastics, electronics, light engineering, and pharmaceuticals.

    An informatics park was established several years ago and a number of firms are currently engaged in typesetting and other pre-press operations, data processing, CD-ROM publishing, image processing and related activities. The park provides ISDN and other high bandwidth services.

    EPZ companies are exempt from import duties and Value Added Tax on machinery, equipment, and spare parts, and from tax on dividends. They are liable to a 15% corporate tax.

  • Mauritius Freeport





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