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Foreign Trade Zones/Free Ports

Malaysia has Free Zones (FZ's) in which export-oriented manufacturing and warehousing facilities may be established. Raw materials, products and equipment may be imported duty-free into these zones with minimum customs formalities. Companies that export not less than 80% of their output and depend on imported goods, raw materials, and components may be located in these FZ's. Goods sold into the Malaysian economy by companies within the FZ's must pay import duties. In addition to the FZ's, Malaysia permits the establishment of licensed manufacturing warehouses, which give companies greater freedom of location while allowing them to enjoy privileges similar to firms operating in a FZ.

Ports, shipping and maritime-related services play an important role in Malaysia since 90% of its international trade is seaborne. The government is presently promoting Port Klang (Westport and Northport) as a regional load and transshipment center and the government has designated Port Klang as a Free Commercial Zone. Other ports with Free Commercial Zone status are Penang Port and Johor Port.








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