Lebanon has two free zones: the Beirut port and the Tripoli port, and a duty free shop at the Beirut international airport. Two new free zones are planned for North Lebanon: Selaata Free Zone and Qlaiaat Free Zone. The reconstruction of a 120,000 square meter free zone at the port of Beirut is complete and a 6,000-square meter bonded warehouse facilities is now available. All free zones offer business and financial incentives, including the possibility of 100 percent foreign ownership, customs exemptions for goods entering and leaving the free zone, long-term low-cost land and building leases, and low-cost utility rates for industries. Private sector companies will develop and operate Selaata and Qlaiaat free zones on a BOT basis.

For temporary entry of heavy machinery and vehicles, importers can use customs-bonded warehouses insured by the Beirut Port Authority, although this may be quite expensive. Importers may keep their products in privately leased or owned warehouses, against a one-year bank guarantee (refundable upon settlement of customs duties), plus an annual non-refundable warehousing fee.




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