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Kuwait Free Trade Zone (KFTZ)



Kuwait's new privately-managed Free Trade Zone is located in Shuwaikh and allows 100% foreign ownership of businesses within the zone.

There are no import duties and foreign corporate income is tax-free. Commercial, industrial and service licenses are available without a local sponsor. KFTZ provides a variety of infrastructural services.

Tel: 802808,

Fax: 4822067



The KFTZ offers services such as:
Simplicity in obtaining licenses.
Attractive facilities to recruit and accommodate foreign workforces.
Fast processing of residency and entrance permits.
Simple and efficient procedures through the One-Stop Shop.
On-site banking and financial services.
On-site consulting services.
24-hour service to all investors.
Fast and flexible service.
A modern handling system with limited official interventions.
Attractive service rates and business environment.
Ongoing commitment to innovative service developments.

Depending on the requirements of the investors, the KFTZ issues four basic licenses:
A commercial license for companies that wish to engage in trading activities in general such as import/export or distribution/storage.
An industrial license to allow an investor to undertake activities related to manufacturing, assembly, packing and/or repackaging.
A service license to investors who offer services such as financial services, management consulting, auditing, law firm services and/or engineering.
A special license can be issued to investors engaged in any of the above activities but who have special requirements.





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