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Export Processing Zones (EPZ)


The Export Processing Zones (EPZ) program came into existence in 1990 following the enactment
of the EPZ Act, CAP 517 of the Laws of Kenya. As a result the Export Processing Zones Authority
(EPZA) was established as the regulatory body. However, while the program was officially adopted
in 1990, production activities did not take off effectively until 1993.
The factors that favoured establishment of EPZs in Kenya included among others, a relatively
large and dynamic private sector, a low cost but well trained labour force and relatively high quality infrastructure by SSA standards.

Among the SSA countries that have adopted EPZ programs, Mauritius and Madagascar stand out as having had considerable success with EPZs. Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe are new
entrants and have adopted Kenya's example.

The Kenyan EPZ program has over the past decade witnessed steady growth despite an increased
competitive economic environment. An added impetus to the Kenyan EPZ program came with the
enacmentof the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) in May 2000. The AGOA Act which is a
US government initiative allows for duty & quota free access of exports into the US market from elgible
countries which are drawn from Sub-Saharan Africa. Kenya was the first country to be accredited
under the AGOA initiative and is eligible to export textiles and apparels among other commodities
to the US duty free and without quota

As a result the Kenyan EPZs have witnessed tremendous growth and this can be attested by the per
formanceof key indicators of the program. To complement this growth the Kenyan government has
also put in place a stable macro-economic policy necessary for the growth of private sector investment
of which EPZ is a beneficiary.

        Contact Information

EPZA Headquarters
Britak Centre 
2nd Floor, Upper Hill, Mara Road
P.O BOX 50563, 00200 Nairobi
Tel: 254 - 020 -2712801- 6
Fax: 254 - 020 - 2713704

Athi River
P.O BOX 50563, 00200 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254 -045 -22136
Fax/Tel: 254 - 045 - 22918

P.O BOX 89474, Mombasa - 80100, Kenya.
Tel/Fax: 254 -041 -435406/280
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