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Kingston Free Zone (KFZ)

The Kingston Free Zone (KFZ) which was established in 1976, twenty five (25) years ago is situated on a 44-acre (18 hectares) site, next to the Kingston Container Terminal.   It now boasts 784,000 sq.ft (72,835 m2)of factory space.   It offers investment opportunities to companies from all over the world and is in the process of expansion with the development of an information technology park and  a commercial free zone.

KFZ, the largest export free zone in the English speaking Caribbean, is an industrial estate where investment in manufacturing and warehousing and distribution activities are encouraged and incentives offered, in a context of competitive rental rates and excellent infrastructure.

The following features are offered at this excellent location:

  • Easy access to air, sea and telecommunications services
  • No tax on profits
  • Duty exemption on imports and exports
  • Minimal customs procedures
  • Wide market access through international trade agreements
  • Adaptable, productive, English speaking workforce


P.O. BOX 1025, G.P.O.
TEL: (876) 923-5274-8/FAX: (876) 923-6023
E-mail -

Kingston Free Zone (KFZ)

Montego Bay Free Zone (MBFZ)

The Montego Bay Free Zone (MBFZ) was established in 1985 and is situated on a 95-acre (38.5 hectares) site to the south-west of the city of Montego Bay. It now boasts 488,110 sq.ft 572,708 sq.ft (45,346 m2)( 53,226m2 ) of factory and office space, offering investment opportunities in manufacturing and in Information Technology. The Montego Bay's Client Relations Division will assist investors to establish contact with recruitment agencies and training institutions, where specific skills are required. For example, it works closely with the H.E.A.R.T. Trust/National Training Agency in recruiting and providing basic training for workers entering industries on the Zone..  The MBFZ is currently in a mode of expansion with 103,000 sq.ft (9,560m2) of space being constructed for Information Technology activities. 

MBFZ is the ideal Duty Free Industrial/Information Technology Park, strategically located and highly productive.


It offers the following:

  • Wide market access through C.B.I. & international trade agreements
  • Highly trainable, adaptable, productive, English speaking work force
  • Competitive wage rates
  • Tax free profits 
  • Duty Exemption on imports and exports
  • Minimal customs procedures


P.O. Box 1377
TEL:    (876) 979-8696-8 or (876) 979-8091-2
FAX:    (876) 979-8088






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