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  • Free Trade Zones

    The Shannon Free Trade Zone, located at the Shannon International Airport, is the world's oldest free zone and was established in 1947. This facility is attractive as an international distribution and warehouse center serving Western Europe because it provides the unique combination of a custom-free industrial zone and direct access to air and surface transport to the United Kingdom and other European markets. Raw materials and partly or completely manufactured products may be imported into the free zone in any quantity and held there without payment of duties or taxes. Processing, sorting, grading, or repackaging of the goods may take place within the zone, and buildings may be leased or built. As sales require, the goods held in the free zone may then be withdrawn from inventory and reexported to other countries or imported into Ireland for consumption after payment of appropriate duties, value-added taxes, and excise duties. If the goods are reexported to another country, duties and taxes, as appropriate, will be payable in that country.








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