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  • Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

    The "ZOLIC" free trade zone at Puerto Santo Tomas de Castilla, adjacent to Guatemala's principal port on the Atlantic coast, the Grupo Zeta Free Zone located in the town of Palin near Guatemala city and ZOFRACSA, headquarters are located at 7 Avenida 14-44, Zona 9, Edificio La Galeria 4to. Nivel. Tel (502) 331-6102 and Fax: (502) 332-4011, offer exemption from payment of all duties and taxed (except employer social security contributions).

    Legislation passed in 1989 allows the establishment of privately incentives for manufacturing companies (draw back) and other export oriented industries whenever located.

    Special Import Provisions

    Decree 29-89, Guatemala's 1989 Drawback and Export Promotion Law, allows duty and tax free entry of raw materials, intermediate products, packaging and labels used for the production or assembly of merchandise, which is slated to be exported to markets outside of Central America. The law allows a single business to qualify as a stand-alone free trade zone anywhere in the country.

  • Guatemala Free Trade Zone







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