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                                                Ghana Free Zones

A Free Trade Zone was established in May 1996. The free zone consists of a parcel of land near Tema Steelworks, Ltd. In the Greater Accra Region and two other sites located at Mpintsin and Ashiem, near Takoradi. The seaports of Tema and Takoradi, as well as the Kotoka International Airport, and all the lands related to these areas are a part of the free zone. The law also permits the establishment of single factory zones outside or within the areas mentioned above. Under the law, a company qualifies to be a free zone company if it exports more than 70 percent of its products. Among the incentives for free zone companies are a ten-year corporate tax holiday and zero duty on its imports.

To make it easy for a potential free zone developer to acquire the various licenses and permits to operate, the Ghana Free Zones Board provides a "one-stop approval service" to assist in the completion of all formalities. A lack of resources has limited the effectiveness of the Board, however. To further facilitate operations in the zones, nationals of OECD countries, Canada, East Asian countries and the Republic of South Africa can, in principle and with sufficient advance notice, obtain entry visas at the airport, although this process does not always work smoothly. All foreign employees of businesses established under the program will require work and residence permits.

Contact address for the Secretariat is as follows:

Ghana Free Zones Board
Ministry of Trade & Industry Annex
P.O. Box M.47
Tel: 233-21-670534/670532
Fax: 233-21-670536
Contact: Mr. Kojo Ntim Atuahene Executive Director

Most large Ghanaian banks as well as a number of private sector companies and individuals own bonded warehouses.





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