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Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

There are three free trade zones in Estonia; at Muuga Port (one of the four harbors that form the Port of Tallinn complex), in Sillamae (an industrial area in Estonia's northeast), and in Valga (located in southern Estonia, near the Latvian border). At this time, only the Muuga Port and the Sillamae zones are actively working.

There are a number of bonded warehouses located in border areas. The free storage areas are available equally to all firms, whether domestic or foreign. Goods may be stored in the warehouses for up to a year, free from import or export duties. The term of storage may be extended by the Customs Board. While the processing of warehoused goods is prohibited, repackaging, and preparing goods for sale and transport is not considered to be processing.

Special Import Provisions

The import and export of plant and plant products is permitted only with an accompanying phytosanitary certificate issued by the Estonian Plant Guarantee Inspection Board or competent foreign authorities. These goods may be imported or exported only at specified border crossings.

The import and export of livestock, fish, fowl, aquatic organisms, animal and poultry products, animal feed and its components and veterinary and biopreparations, are subject to state control and enforced by the Estonian Veterinary Control Border Inspection.

Special conditions exist for importing or exporting the following products: cultural artifacts; precious metals and stones (and articles containing these); medicinal products; weapons; explosives; radio broadcast equipment; rare species of plant and animals; goods subject to veterinary, food and phytosanitary control; plant preservatives; narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances; foreign currency and securities; equipment and means for recording of audiovisual production; lottery tickets; strategic goods; radioactive radiation sources; motor vehicles; building cement; and dangerous and other waste.






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