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  • Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

    El Salvador currently has seven large free trade zones and many individual factories (over 200) that enjoy free zone status. The free trade zones that are operating in El Salvador are the following:

      A. San Bartolo - currently being privatized, located 10 kms. east of San Salvador on Boulevard del Ejercito. Tel. (503) 295-0629 fax 295-0483, Contact: Lic. Oscar Arévalo

      B. El Progreso Industrial Park - located on the road to La Libertad, about seven miles west of San Salvador. It has 12,000 square meters of space in ten buildings. Tel. (503) 228-5075, 228-5060 fax 228-5053, Contact: Lic. Edwin Escobar

      C. El Pedregal - located five miles from El Salvador's International Airport and 23 miles from San Salvador. Tel. (503) 334-6011, 263-2806, 334-6028 Fax 334-6060, Contact: Licda. María Teresa de Rendón

      D. Exportsalva - located 15 miles from San Salvador and 35 miles from the international airport, on the Santa Ana - San Salvador highway. Tel. (503) 338-4099, 338-5322, 338-4188 Fax (503) 338-5242, Contact: Ing. Ana María de Rivas

      E. San Marcos Free Zone - located three miles from San Salvador, on the road to El Salvador International airport. Tel. (503) 220-2333 Fax 220-1012, Contact: Coronel Mario Guerrero

      F. American Park - Located on the road to Santa Ana 24 km from San Salvador. Tel. (503) 330-9444, 228-5060, 228-5075 fax: 228-5053, Contact: Lic. Martin Norman

      G. Zona Franca Internacional El Salvador, Km. 28.5 Carretera a Comalapa, La Paz. Tel. 220-2333, Fax 220-1012, Contact: Coronel Mario Guerrero









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