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There are two types of Free Zones in Egypt

A- Public Free Zones :

In Egypt, there are seven Public Free Zones provided with basic infrastructure and utilities. A Public Free Zone is managed by a board of directors, in addition to an administrative organ to provide technical, economic and legal advice and offer all needed facilities concerning establishment of projects and issuing the required licenses.

Land offered in exchange for usufruct (rent) is as follows:-

$3.5 per m2 annually for industrial projects.
$7.0 per m2 annually for other projects (storage & services).
A reduction of 50% on these rates granted to Ismailia Public Free Zone Projects.

B- Private Free Zones :

GAFI issues a decree concerning the establishment of Private Free Zone each of which shall be limited to a single project if its nature so necessitates, according to the following criteria: -
1- Its site must enhance its economic status e.g., near raw material sources or establishment on a site appropriate with the nature of its activity (navigation & maritime transport projects, insurance companies, cement silos …etc).
2- IT should contribute to the establishment of new communities according to the current state policy.
3- Unavailability of requested areas of land for the project in the public free zones.
4- The project must observe all standards and regulations pertaining to the protection of the environment. In this case, the investor determines the site of the private free zone that either can be owned or rented. The authority shall help investors to obtain all necessary infrastructure and utilities needed.

Criteria for a Private Free Zone:

Priority is given to export-oriented industrial projects.
Generating high value added to the domestic production factors.
Applying modern and advanced technology.
Creating more job opportunity.

Projects Transformed to Private Free Zones:

GAFI may approve changing the status of an inland project to a Private Free Zone in accordance with the following parameters:

  • Project in operation.
  • Committed to export not less than 50% of the production.
  • The project should be in accordance with specifications required.


Alexandria Public Free Zone in Ameriyah

Alexandria is renowned as Egypt's major port on the Mediterranean Sea.

Location and area
Alexandria Public Free Zone is located in Ameriyah at the Km 29.5 on the Alexandria - Cairo desert road with an area of 1353 feddans. Established projects are in the field of manufacturing, storage and services activities.

Ameriyah - Alexandria / Cairo desert road
Post office No: 23512
Alexandria Head office: 03/4480750
Telephone: 03/4480741 03/4480742
Fax: 03/4480751 03/4480749


Nasr City Public Free Zone

It is located within Cairo governorate the capital and major city in Egypt.

Location and area
It is located in close proximity to Cairo international airport, which facilitates linkages with foreign markets while simultaneously providing easy access to skilled labor from Cairo. It comprises 168 feddans and includes several projects for manufacturing, storage and services.

Nasr City El zohour district adjacent to El Wafaa Wal Amal city
P.O. box
8044 Post Office: 11584

Telephone: (202) 274869 (ten lines)
Fax: (202) 2748467



Suez is a city of an important strategic position as a commercial port overlooking the north of the Gulf of Suez at the point it meets with Suez Canal and is considered to be its southern outlet, It also represents a point of connection between Egypt and Arab and African countries overlooking the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf region and countries of the far East.

The total area of the Suez Governorate is 25000 kilometers and the city possesses the qualified manpower and the expertise which is Equipped with the latest technology and enjoys a high level of efficiency.

P . O . Box  : 

115  Suez

Post Code   : 


Tel  :







Fax  : 



E.Mail  :

Ismailia Public Free Zone :

Ismailia is located midway between Port - Said port on the Mediterranean sea and Suez port on the Red Sea.
Location and Area
The Public Free Zone is situated in the Ismailia City suburb on the main road (Cairo/Port-Said). It comprises 800 feddans and has several enterprises working in manufacturing, storage and services activities.

Area of Ismailia free zone:

Total area: 3255000 M2
First Stage Area: 420000 M2 with infrastructure
Services & green area: 71795 M2

Ezz el Dien Ismailia / Port Said Road
Head office: (064) 482841
Tel.: (064) 482865, (064)482868
Fax: (064) 482869



Damietta Public Free Zone :
It is located on the Mediterranean sea adjacent to Damietta port.
The free zone is located at the northern borders east of the Delta, 55km west of Port Said port (the northern gate to the Suez Canal) which is considered the most strategic marine path in the world.
East Of Damietta Port,P.O.Box191

Port-Said Public Free Zone
is adjacent to the port which lies on the Mediterranean Coast It is the hub of trade between Middle East,
Europe and Far East . The zone is also close to Shark El Tafriaa port. The area of Port Said Public Free zone is 729 thousand m²

Address: Port Said - near Port Said port 
Telephone :066/729752 - 066/724798

Fax :066/728724

Port Said Free Zone

Fields of Investment in Media Production Free Zone:

" Radio, television & data space broadcasting via satellites.
" All kinds of radio, television & information space channels.
" Print houses.
" Producing radio, television & cinema works & all kinds of advertising & artistic production.
" Producing, fabricating & assembling materials & equipments needed for the previously mentioned activities.
" Advertising , propaganda services & public relations
" Organizing permanent exhibitions for the local & international companies that produce media production & telecommunication equipments.
" Hotels, touristic facilities & shopping malls to serve the free zone.
" Banking services.
" Importing & storing the machines , equipments , instruments, tools , operating requirements & spare parts.
" Producing programs, computer systems & electronic content, in addition to software designing

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