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A Free Trade Zone law has been in effect since 1991. This law provides for: the import of raw materials and machinery free of duty; the export of finished and semi-processed goods; raw materials without duty; and a tax exemption for all business transactions and contracts which take place in the zone. Foreign investments in such zones are exempt from any current or future restrictions on capital repatriations. Companies established in the Free Trade Zone may develop industrial or commercial activities and must pay up to a 2% fee of their investment to the National Council of Free Trade Zones in order to operate in the Free Trade Zone.

A maquila (in-bond processing) law has been in effect since 1990, but only a few firms in the textile and fish processing sectors utilize it.

Five free trade zones have been established in Ecuador. For more information on Free Trade Zones, please contact the following government agency:

Ministerio de Comercio Exterior, Industrializacion y Pesca
Consejo de Zonas Francas
(Ministry of Foreign Trade, Industrialization and Fishing)
(Free Trade Zones Council)
Av. Amazonas y Eloy Alfaro, Piso 1
Edificio MAG
Quito, Ecuador
Tel: (593-2) 562-565; Fax: (593-2) 562-258
Executive Secretary: Marcelo Aguilar







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