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Foreign Trade Zones/Free Ports



The only free port in Denmark is the Copenhagen Free Port, which is operated by the Port of Copenhagen. The facilities in the free port are mostly used for tax-free warehousing of goods imported, for exports, in transit trade and to be distributed. Tax and duties are not payable until cargo leaves the Free Port. Also, processing of cargo, for example, preparing and finishing imported automobiles for sale, can freely be set up in the Free Port. Manufacturing operations can be established with the permission of the customs authorities, which is granted if special reasons exist for having the facility in the Free Port area. The Copenhagen Free Port welcomes foreign companies establishing warehouse and storage facilities, whether for servicing Denmark only or Scandinavia, part or all of the EU, or East European and the Baltic countries, including Russia. On January 1, 2001, the Port of Copenhagen and the Port of Malmoe (Sweden) merged their commercial operations, including the free port activities, in a joint company - CMP.









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