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Free Trade Zones/Warehouses

According to the Law on Free Trade Zones, adopted in June 1996, a company in a free trade zone may engage in manufacturing, wholesale but not retail trade, foreign trade, banking and other financial activities. Free trade zone users are eligible for the following benefits: waiver of tariff on imported products; a user of the zone who constructs or participates in construction of infrastructure projects in the zone worth KN 1 million (about $120,000) or more, is exempted from paying corporate tax during the first five years of operation in the zone; other users in the zone pay corporate tax in the amount of 50 percent of the regular rate (i.e. 12.5 percent instead of 25 percent); zones are exempted from any Croatian emergency measures or other restrictions pertaining to foreign trade or hard currency transactions. Users of the zones may freely store their goods and production equipment in the zones. Goods which are not intended for trade on the Croatian market or for domestic consumption, are fully exempt from custom duties or taxes. The Investment Promotion Department within the Ministry of the Economy is the regulatory agency for administration of the free trade zones .



Rijeka Free Trade Zone
Provides information to potential investors and companies interested in entering the Croatian market.

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