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Zhuhai Free Trade Zone


Zhuhai Free Trade Zone(FTZ) was founded on Nov. 13, 1996 with the approval of the State Council. It covers an area of 3 square kilometers. It is situated in southern Zhuhai SEZ  China , adjacent to Wanzai Port and facing Macao across the strait. It connects Macao by land through Hengqing Bridge and the Lotus Bridge . Zhuhai FTZ is about 11 km. away from the downtown, 44 km. away from Zhuhai Port, 18 km. away from Jiuzhou Port, 40 km. away from Zhuhai Airport, 5 km. away from the constructing Zhuhai Railway Station, and only 36 nm. from Hong Kong.More




 Hongwan, Wanzai , Zhuhai ,  P.R.China     

Post Code: 519030
Tel: +86-756-8686939 

Fax:: +86-756-8686980    



Dalian Development Area

Dalian Development Area(DDA) is a state-level Economic and Technological Development Zone, or industrial park, located on the perimeter of Dalian's urban core. It was the first such zone to be authorized by the State Council of China in 1984, and it has provided an excellent base to many overseas investors. We are the management team of the DDA, and our aim is to serve our investors and our community.


Dalian's geographic location

        Dalian is located in Liaoning province, China, at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula. It has a population of 5.4 million, and is the only port city in the northeastern region of China, serving as a gateway to the provinces of Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang. Its long coastline encompasses the Bohai Sea on the west, and the Yellow Sea on its eastern border. The "Bohai Rim" is one of China's fastest growing regions. Dalian's nearest international neighbours are Japan and Korea, and it enjoys close commercial and cultural links with both countries.

With a latitude of 39 N, Dalian enjoys a northern temperate climate and is famous for its clean air and long hours of sunshine-Dalian has an annual average of 2,847 hours of sunshine, making it the sunniest of all Chinese cities. With its beautiful coastal scenery and fresh ocean breezes, Dalian has developed as a major tourist destination and is known as the "Vancouver of China". It truly is one of China's most exceptional cities.




 room 425, 1# people square, Dalian, 116012, China   

Fax: 86-411-3608548


Tianjin Port Free Zone


Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone is the largest free trade zone in northern China as well as the only free trade zone in northern China and north-western China. Tianjin Airport Industrial Park and Tianjin Airport International logistics Zone are the extensive areas of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. The three areas all belongs to Tianjin Binhai New Area, facing the northeast of Asia and connecting with 13 provinces and Municipalities.More...



Administration building NO.1 Tongda Square Tianjin Port Free
Trade Zone Tianjin,China
Post Code:300456
Fax: 86-22-25761742 , 86-22-25761022



Ningbo Free Trade Zone (NFTZ)


Approved by Chinese Central Government, Ningbo Free Trade Zone (NFTZ) was established on Nov. 19, 1992. In compliance with the common practice of free trade zones defined in " International Kyoto Treaty", NFTZ enjoys special policies of "exempt from tax, exempt from license, bonded tax" and has economic functions of international trade, import & export processing, bonded warehousing and etc. NFTZ is a special economic area operating in the way of "inside the boundary, outside the customs". In one word, it is so far the most opened area in China to the outside world with most preferential policies. With the current developed area of 2.3 Square kms, NFTZ is expecting its expansion in the near future. 10 years effort has built NFTZ into a hot spot for foreign investors in East China Great Shanghai Economic Region with completed infrastructure, prosperous economy, satisfied investors, and accumulated capital. Up to the end of 2001, there have been more than 3700 enterprises incorporated, invested from 35 countries and territories, with the total investment of USD2.52 billion.



Xiamen Free Trade Zone


Xiamen FTZ is located in the northwest part of Xiamen, within the area of Dongdu port area. Being near No 319 national road and Ying-Xia railway, it is connected with Gaoqi international airport. On Oct. 15th, 1992 the State Council gave the right to set up Xiamen FTZ which area is 5 square kilometers, among which the first phase covers 0.63 square kilometers and was put into operation on Nov. 28th, 1993


Tel£º86-592-6035831 86-592-6035823



Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone


Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ is the counry's biggest and oldest free trade zone approved by the State Council in June 1990. It incorporates various functions including free trade, export processing, logistic warehousing and bonded commodities' displaying. The FTZ has 10 square km projection area, among which 6.4 square km is now under operation and development. After 10 years' development and construction, the FTZ has got 4428 projects approved by the end of March 2001, with the total investment of 5.82 billion USD and investors from 58 countries and regions in the world.


Room 813. 2 HuaJing Road, Shanghai Waigaoqiao FTZ
Tel: 50461100#8132


Shantou Free Trade Zone


Shantou FTZ provides the investors good investment environment with Shantou Special Economic Zone, one of China¡¯s earliest cities opening to the outside world, as its back up in basic infrastructures. Shantou was chosen as one of the ¡°50 strong cities with powerful comprehensive strength¡±. It has a semitropical maritime climate. In telecommunication area, long-distance calls can be made directly to more than 200 countries (regions) as well as 1300 cities in China. The transport is convenient. It is 179 s.m apart from Hongkong and 180 s.m from Kaohsiung in Taiwan. From Shantou Port cargo ships can sail to about 160 ports in over 40 countries and regions, as well as the main ports of China. 30,000-dwt ships can be ported directly at FTZ¡¯s special use wharf which is only 500 meters away from Shantou FTZ. The zone is connected with Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province, and Shenzhen Special Economic Zone by highway and  Xiamen Special Economic Zone by national road 324. Shantou is the starting station of Guang-Mei-Shan Railway which connects Jing-Jiu-Jiu Railway at Longchuan. By air, there are more than 40 domestic and international routes. In the zone, the ¡°five workables and one levelled¡± (i.e. the telecommunication, roads, water supply, power supply and sewage treatment are all workable, and the land levelled) has been accomplished. The zone's  green coverage retio is 36.5%, and an area of 420,000 aq.m of workshops, warehouses, marshalling yards and office buildings are available for investors to lease and purchase.



Shenzhen Free Trade Zone


These are strethes of magical land .the three free trade zones,i.e,Futian Free Trade Zone,Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone,and Yantian Port Free Trade Zone,are three glamorous shining stars on the splendid stage of ShenZhen.Futian Free Trade Zone bridges Hong Kong to ShenZhen, Shatoujiao Free Trade Zone shines brightly by Dapeng Bay,and Yantian Port Free Trade Zone is listening to the calling of the sea.The three free trade zones have been developing together with the growth of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone,and have created wonders one after another.


Futian Free Trade Zone was established on May 28, 1991 upon approval by the State Council.On February 18, 1993, its insulating facilities were qualified by Customs General Administration. The free trade zone occupies 1.35 square kilometres, with 0.33 square kilometre allocated residential quarter.


the free Trade Zone of Dalian                     

            Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone

Qingdao Free Trade Zone              the Free Trade Zone of Zhangjiagang Port
Ningbo Free Trade Zone              Fuzhong Free Tade Zone
Xiamen Free Trade Zone             Shantou Free Trade Zone 
Guangzhou Free Trade Zone              Shenzhen Free Trade Zone 
Zhuhai Free Trade Zone             Haikou Free Trade Zone








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