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The Iquique Free Trade Zone is a parcel of territory of 240 hectares located in the city of Iquique (northern Chile), where merchandise can be brought in, stored and exported exempt from customs fees and the Value Added Tax (VAT), and where companies operate under special tax benefits.

More than 1,800 user companies take advantage of these privileges. Their operations amount to over four billion dollars per year.



Zofri Inc. [ZOFRI S.A; Zona Franca de Iquique, Sociedad Anónima] is the company charged with the administration of the Iquique Free Trade Zone. Its mission is to provide, in a profitable manner, the most complete services oriented toward the commercial, industrial and final users (consuming public).

The Administering Corporation Zofri Inc. is responsible for the development and promotion of Iquique's Free Trade Zone, as provided in the Concession Contract signed with the Chilean Government. Therefore, Zofri Inc. carries out appreciable investments in infrastructure and significant promotional activities worldwide.

Tel: (56-57) 515100, FAX (56-57) 515196


Oficina de atención al cliente 123-800-20-30-40
Gerencia General 57-515212
Gerencia de Negocios 57-515479
Gerencia de Operaciones y Administración 57-515377
Gerencia de Asuntos Legales y Corporativos 57-515387
Departamento de RR.PP.  57-515404
Subgerencia de Logística 57-515384
Subgerencia de Gestión Inmobiliaria  57-515204
Subgerencia Centro Comercial 57-515479
Subgerencia de Administración y Finanzas 57-515385
Subgerencia Desarrollo y Estudios 57-515230
Subgerencia de T.I.C. 57-515214
Subgerencia de Operaciones y Regulación 57-515235
Subgerencia de Serv.Grales. y Obras 57-515235
Unidad de Visación de documentos 57-515330
Subgerencia de Auditoría y Control de Gestión 57-515432
Subgerencia de RR.HH. 57-515331
Oficina Arica 58-214129
Oficina Santiago 02-3782211







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