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  • Free Trade Zones and Bonded Warehouses

    With the exception of one special trade zone at the Sydport Industrial Park in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada has no free ports or free trade zones. At present, there are no federal or provincial laws specifically governing the establishment and operation of such zones.

    Goods may be cleared at Customs offices on the border or may be forwarded to a bonded warehouse for storage pending customs examination and clearance. Goods may be sent to a bonded warehouse without the payment of duty, but must be cleared either for export or Canadian consumption within two years. Extended periods are allowed for certain goods.

    Goods taken from bonded warehouses for consumption are dutiable at rates of the Customs Tariff in effect at the time, and the value for duty purposes is the value at the time of entry for warehousing. Goods exported from bonded warehouses to third countries are subject to Canadian export regulations. Minor operations such as repackaging and sorting can be carried out in bonded warehouses with the permission of Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, but assembly or other industrial activity is prohibited.






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