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  • Free Trade Zones/Warehouses


Bolivia has established nine Free Trade Zones (FTZ), six of which are now in full operation:

1. El Alto (serving La Paz)
2. Puerto Aguirre (near Puerto Suarez, on the border with Brazil)
3. Cochabamba
4. Santa Cruz
5. Oruro
6. Desaguadero (near La Paz, on the border with Peru)

Two others -- in San Matias in the Department of Santa Cruz and Guayaramerin in the Department of Beni -- are not yet fully operational. Another -- in Cobija, in northern Bolivia -- has not proven to be attractive to investors, because of the lack of roads and other basic infrastructure.

Bolivian FTZs are regulated by the National Council of Free Trade Zones (CONZOF), which was created by the 1990 Investment Law. FTZs are operated by private companies selected by the Government through public bids. There are special procedures which must be followed to obtain approval to operate in these zones. Export processing zones have up to 180 days duty-free treatment (RITEX) to assemble kits and produce parts for re-export.







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