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Bangladesh has three Export Processing Zones (EPZ's), one in Chittagong, one in Mongla and one in Dhaka. Three new EPZ's are under the development process in Comilla, Issardi, and Saidpur (Uttara). The EPZ's offer tax breaks, a relatively secure power source, the duty-free import of capital machinery, warehouse facilities, and other benefits to 100% export-oriented industries. Chittagong port has 116,375 square meters of covered warehouse space, with a capacity to hold 50,000 metric tons. The port also has a warehouse for hazardous cargoes (102 metric tons) and for cold storage (500 tons). Mongla port near Khulna (southwest Bangladesh) also has warehouse facilities. For industries outside the EPZ's, the National Board of Revenue provides bonded warehouse facilities to 100% export oriented industries or to industries whose raw materials/components are mainly imported. Production within bonded areas is free of import duties, with a minimum of customs formalities. Privately owned and operated EPZ's are now legal. An EPZ owned by Korean investors, have been approved in Chittagong, although construction is yet to begin

  • Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)

    Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA)
    Phone : +880 2 9670530, 8650058, 8650059
    Fax : +880 2 8650060
    URL :

    Chittagong Export Processing Zone (EPZ-CTG)

    South Halishahar, Chittagong
    Phone: +880 31 741446, 7409
    Fax: +880 31 740031

    Dhaka Export Processing Zone (EPZ-DAK)
    Ganakbari, Savar, Dhaka
    Phone: +880 2 7701002, 7701
    Fax: +880 2 7701003

    Mongla Export Processing Zone (EPZ-MON)
    Mongla, Bagerhat
    Phone: +880 41 762129, 7620
    Fax: +880 41 762083

    Comilla Export Processing Zone (EPZ-COM)
    Airport Area, Comilla
    Phone: +880 081 77055
    Fax: +880 081 77056

    Isheardi Export Processing Zone (EPZ-ISD)
    Ishurdi, Pabna
    Phone: +880 07326 63962
    Fax: +880 07326 63961

    Uttara Export Processing Zone (EPZ-UTR)
    Shongalshi, Nilphamari
    Phone: +880 0551 61568, 616
    Fax: +880 0551 61468








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