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  • Free Trade Zone


Aruba’s geographical location makes the free zone a perfect oversea location for export business. The free zone of Aruba holds a strategic geographic position for transit trade to and from South America and the European Union. Aruba’s free zone is also considered a central secure and convenient gateway to the Caribbean for the Far East countries.

The many facilities offered, the political stability, a population consisting of a broad international mixture of well-educated people, a pleasant business climate and a secure environment, makes the free zone of Aruba an ideal place for the establishment of light industrial, commercial or services oriented companies that have their markets in America, the Caribbean region, Asia or Europe.

In the free zones of Aruba goods can be brought in duty free and subsequently stored, assembled, prepared, packed or manufactured for re-export. In addition, services can be rendered from the free zones to any place in the world.

Type of business activities
At present the companies operating in the free zone of Aruba conduct trade and/or light industrial business activities. They specialize in the distribution of brand name products, excise goods and other merchandise to Venezuela, Colombia, the Caribbean region and in processing goods for the European market.

With the enactment of the new law, the State Ordinance Free Zones 2000 service oriented companies (excluding financial services) are also able to operate from the free zones. Mechanical engineers, software developers, business consultants and many other service businesses can benefit from the incentives offered by the Aruban free zone. Drop shipments (also a type of service activity), whereby the goods do not physically have to pass through the free zone of Aruba, are also considered an export activity and the attractive 2% profit tax is applicable .




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