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The 1 st International Food , Beverages , Chocolate & Confectionery Exhibition


     Pictures of Exhibition

Arta Kish

Company Name: Arta Kish

Managing Director: Mr. Majid Sotani

Tel: (+98-764) 4422876

Add: No. 187, Pardis Shopping Center, Kish -Iran


Amatis Kish

Company Name: Amatis Kish

Fields of  Activity: Sanyo Official Agency

Managing Director: Mr. Abdolmajid Khalifeh

Tel: (+98-21) 8408377-8409772

Fax: (+98-21) 8408377

Add: No. 1, Firozeh Alley, Motahari Ave., Tehran-Iran


Spoota Food Industries Complex

Company Name: Spoota Food Industries Complex

Fields of  Activity: Dairy Products- Fruit juices- Drinking water-PET Bottles

Managing Director: Mr. Nikro

Tel: (+98-443) 2384433,4

Fax: (+98-443) 2384435

Add: 2nd Zone of Industrial Region P.O. Box 57135-1161 Urmia- Iran



Bonab Behfam Powder

Company Name: Bonab Behfam Powder

Fields of  Activity: Fresh Fries

Managing Director: Mr. Reza Mortazavi

Tel: (+98-21) 2264342, 43

Fax: (+98-21) 2271446

Add: No. 141, Mirdamad Ave., Tehran-Iran




Nemouneh Distributer

Company Name: Nemouneh Distributer

Managing Director: Mr. alireza Salami

Tel: (+98-764) 4441440

Add: No. 48, 49, Sadaf Shahrak, Golestan Shopping Center, Kish-Iran



Pareesnooshab Co.

Company Name: Pareesnooshab Co.

Managing Director: Mr. Siavash Khahan

Tel: (+98-21) 8058325,26

Fax: (+98-21) 8052912

Add: No. 1,(Sabz Bldg.) South Shiraz 14369 Tehran-Iran


International Green Gold Cumin Seeds & Pegah Saffron Co.

Company Name: International Green Gold Cumin Seeds & Pegah Saffron Co.

Fields of  Activity: Cultivation, processing, Research & Trade

Managing Director: Mr. Kermanshahi

Tel: (+98-21) 2022275, 2052589

Fax: (+98-21) 2052583

Add: Unit 503, 5th Floor, 104 Bldg, Golshahr Blvrd, Jordan Ave., Tehran-Iran



Company Name: Tajamo-Afarin-Novin

Managing Director: Mrs. Forogh Rahimi

Tel: (+98-21) 2058328-9

Fax:(+98-21) 2058328-9

Add: Unite 3, No. 13, Shaghayegh Bldg, Golshahr St., Afreca Blvd, Tehran-Iran


Ramak Dairy Products Co.

Company Name: Ramak Dairy Products Co.

Managing Director: Mr. Hashem Nasiri

Tel: (+98-711) 2358759

Fax: (+98-711) 2300923

Add: Delta Bldg, Felestin Ave., Shiraz-Iran


Sogol Kish

Company Name: Sogol Kish

Managing Director: Mr. Shahram Adineh

Tel: (+98-764) 4444438

Fax: (+98-764) 4444438

Add: No. A16, Marjan Shopping Center. No.133, Markaztejari Shopping Center, Kish-Iran


Naderi Confectionery

Company Name: Naderi Confectionery

Fields of  Activity: Fish, Traditional Cookies of Qazvin

Managing Director:Mr. Akbar Shahidi

Tel: (+98-281) 2223639

Fax: (+98-281) 2223639

Add: Naderi Confectionary, First of Naderi Ave., Azadi Sq., Qazvin-Iran


Maedeh Food Industries

Company Name: Maedeh Food Industries

Fields of  Activity: Production of Canned Fish, Traditional and Foreign Canned Food

Managing Director: Mr. Hasan Ghayourizadeh

Tel: (+98-21) 4903585-9

Fax: (+98-21) 4903600

Add: Tehran-karaj Old road, 10th km, Maedeh Food Industries Complex, Tehran-Iran



Noosheen Fard Jam & Cookies Corp.

Company Name: Noosheen Fard Jam & Cookies Corp.

Fields of  Activity: Cookies Producer

Managing Director: Mrs. Montakhab Eghdami

Tel: (+98-141) 2223412

Fax: (+98-141) 2221745

Add: Blvd. Emam Reza, First of Langerood Road, Lahijan-Iran


Viraman Co. (P.J.S)

Company Name: Viraman Co. (P.J.S)

Fields of  Activity: Exporting of Iranian Pistachios, Pistachio Kernels and Saffron

Managing Director: Mr. Majid Bazian

Tel: (+98-21) 6417226-6952113-6464981

Fax: (+98-21) 6412004

Add: No. 35, 17th St., Mirzaye- Shirazi Ave., Tehran 1586644315 Iran



Zar Macaron Industries Group

Company Name: Zar Macaron Industries Group

Managing Director: Mr. Mohsen Amini

Tel: (+98-21) 8055457-9

Fax: (+98-21) 6412004

Add: No. 35, 17th St., Mirzaye-Shirazi Ave., Tehran 1586644315 Iran



Zar Macaron Industries Group

Company Name: Zar Macaron Industries Group

Managing Director: Mr. Mohsen Amini

Tel: (+98-21) 8055457-9

Fax: (+98-21) 8049907

Add: Unite 14, No.43, Saba Bldg, North Sheikhbahaee St., Molasadra Ave., Tehran-Iran


Behtaran Kish

Company Name: Behtaran Kish

Managing Director: Yousef Barjak

Tel: 0764- 4421349

Fax: 0764-4440267

Parastoo Sabalan

Company Name: Parastoo Sabalan

Fields of  Activity: Olive Oil, Trade Olive

Tel: 0832- 2333320

Fax: 0832-2333321

Nahal Pistachio Rafsanjan Agriculture Co.

Company Name: Nahal Pistachio Rafsanjan Agriculture Co.

Fields of  Activity: Pistachio-Nuts-Product Agriculture

Managing Director: Heydari Poor

Tel: 0391-5230373, 021-2071814

Fax: 0391-5232591

Add: North shahid beheshti St., Rafsanjan


Poura Domestical Animal Products

Company Name: Poura Domestical Animal Products

Fields of  Activity: First & the only producer of Sausage & Salami Conserve with natural casing in iran

Managing Director: Abdollah Sofiani

Tel: 021-3740279

Fax: 021-3743752

Add: No. 38, 3rd Alley, Adjacent petrol Pump, fadaeian Islam Ave., Tehran-Iran


Tani Producing Group

Company Name: Tani Producing Group

Fields of  Activity: Packaging & Processing dape

Managing Director: Abdolghani Alinejad Jahromi

Tel: 0711-6273708-9

Fax: 0711-6283934


Tehran Arneg

Company Name: Tehran Arneg

Fields of  Activity: Styling & Refrigeration & clean Room

Managing Director: Modarrie

Tel: 021-8600375-9, 8060050



Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro-Tehran)

Company Name: Japan External Trade Organization (Jetro-Tehran)

Fields of  Activity: Trading

Contact person: Ms. Mardirossian

Tel: 021-8850073

Fax: 021-8850074

Add: 2nd, E1, No. 53, West Farzan St., Africa Ave., Tehran


Haj Abdollah Zaeri & Ons Co.

Company Name: Haj Abdollah Zaeri & Ons Co.

Fields of  Activity: Adel Zaeri

Tel: 0764-4421357-8

Add: No. N51, Hormoz Bazar, Kish Island, Iran


Olive Oil Project Department,

Company Name: Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture

Fields of  Activity: (1-Studing, Stationing and improument, 2- Reformation, Modification, 3-Mechanization, Proccessing) Olive

Tel: 021-64583203-5

Fax: 021-64583210

Australian Government Austrade

Company Name: Babak Khosravi

Tel: +9821 8720472

Fax:+9821 8720496

Add: No. 13, 23rd Street, Khaled Islambuli Ave., Tehran 15138-Iran


Kerman Pistachio Kimiagran Inc.

Company Name: Kerman Pistachio Kimiagran Inc.

Tel: 0342-3420058

Fax: 0342-3420059

Add: P.O.Box 76135-1139, Industrial City No. 2, Kerman -Iran


Etka Edible Oils Industries

Company Name: Etka Edible Oils Industries

Fields of  Activity: Olive Oil, Table Olive

Tel: 021-6703636

Fax: 021-6736500

Head Office: Nour Building, Opp, to ministry of health, Jomhoori Cross, Hafez Ave., Tehran-Iran

  Etka Sugar Industries Group

Company Name: Etka Sugar Industries Group

Tel: 021-8986114-8983132

Fax: 021-8986114-8983132


  Golpoodr Golestan

Company Name:  Golpoodr Golestan

Fields of  Activity: Producer of egg Powder & food supplement

Managing Director: Mr. Refahi

Tel: 0173-5753254-5

Fax: 0173-5753265

Add: Agh-ghala Industrial Area, Gorgan - Iran



  Gohar Azarbayjan Ind. Group(Mahya Mineral Water)

Company Name: Gohar Azarbayjan Ind. Group(Mahya Mineral Water)

Managing Director: Seyed Zia aldin Hoseini

Tel: 0411-6306248

Fax: 0411-6306248


  Razavi Dairy Products Co.

Company Name: Razavi Dairy Products Co.

 Managing Director: Hamid Reza Ghasemi

Tel: 0511-3960510-11

Fax: 0511-3960803


Marjan Sea Food

Company Name: Marjan Sea Food

Managing Director: Davood Ahmad Zadeh

Tel: 0631-2224641-2

Fax: 0631-2224643



Nane Ghodse Razavi Co.

Company Name: Nane Ghodse Razavi Co.

Fields of  Activity: Various kinds of cup cake & cookies & strudel Products

Managing Director: Mr. Mohammad hassan Solhdoust

Tel: 0511-6658001-5

Fax: 0511-6658000



FHB Haudels GMBH / EU Trading Kish

Company Name: FHB Haudels GMBH / EU Trading Kish

Fields of  Activity: Helmut Brammer

Tel: +43-1-516333803

Fax: +43-1-516333000

Add: Parking 10, A-1010 Vienna, Austria



مرکز توسعه تجارت کيش  1381 - 1384