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Kish International Exhibitions












Dolat Exhibition

Kish Island

17-26 Jul. 2011

the 3nd international exhibition of food, agriculture and related industries

Kish Island

27-30Jan 2011


The 7th International Exhibition of Energy(ENEX2008)
the 1st exhibition of water , electricity and new energies

Kish Island

10-13Jan 2011


The 7th International Exhibition of Energy(ENEX2008)
the 1st exhibition of water , electricity and new energies

Kish Island

10-13Jan 2011









The 1th Mehrgan Festival

Kish Island

18-24Oct 2010





the 1st exhibition of HSE

Kish Island

12-15Oct  2010

































The 2nd International exhibition of installation, heating and cooling systems

The 2nd International exhibition of investment opportunities

Kish Island


The 1st international hospital show

Kish Island

23-26Dec 2008
































5th International Exhibition of Fisheries,Aquaculture & Seafood
Kish Island

27-30 Nov,2007













Kish Green Week Exhibition

Kish Island

27 Feb - 2 March 2007












Home and Office Furniture

Kish Island

9  -  12   Jan     2007




Persian Gulf Air Show 2006

Kish Island

28 Nov. to 1 Dec.   2006



3rd Kish Energy Exhibition ENEX 2006

Kish Island

14 to 17 Nov.   2006




Kish Carpet Exhibition

The 4th Persian Carpet

May 31 to 3 June .2006





3rd International Exhibition of Building&Civil Engineering


CIBEX 2006


 23-26 May. 2006






Kish International Industry & Trade Exhibition

INTEX 2006

16   -  19   Feb  2006 . 






Home and Office Furniture

Hofex Kish 2006

Kish Island

24  -  27   Jan     2006






The 1 Int'l Environmental Exhibition  

(Environ Kish 2006)

Kish Island

17  -  20   Jan     2006





The 4th International Free & Special Economic Zones Exhibition

Kish Island

10- 13  Jan 2006 




Iran Kish Int'l Maritime Exhibition (Iran Kish IMEX 2005)

Kish Island

8 - 12  Dec 2005





2nd Int'l  Exhibition OF Energy

Kish Island

215/18 Nov  2005 






2nd Int'l Civil Engineering & Building Exhibition

2nd Int'l Civil Engineering & Building Exhibition

Kish Island

24-27 May  2005 












Indonesia Solo Exhibition - Kish Island

Indonesia Solo Exhibition

Kish Island

8 - 11 Sep.2004

Pictures of Exhibition





Iran Air Show

Kish Island

30 Oct , 3 Nov - 2002

Pictures of the first Iran Air Show
































The 2nd Int'l Auto Show & Affiliated Parts

Kish Island

20-23 January 2004






نمایشگاه اختصاصی جمهوری اسلامی ایران در ژاپن

Iran Exhibition _Japan

Kish Island

20-23 January 2004



Int'l Exhibition of Women's Handicrafts

Kish Island

2004 -1-28    to   2004 -2- 1  I





Objectives of Organization International and Specialized Exhibition in Kish Free Zone


Organizing exhibitions is one of the most effective ways to offer goods and services.

During the exhibitions, businessmen and manufacturers get to know their rivals and the consumers' taste, while they present their productive and export creativity, innovation and capabilities.

The purpose of holding exhibitions on Kish Island is to promote and develop trade and business activities and to attract investors and local and foreign businessmen and in the long run it will lead to increase in production, non-oil export promotion, employment growth, all of which will contribute to the national income growth and

economic development of Kish and the country.

For this purpose many international and specialized exhibitions are held in Kish annually.



Main Exhibition Objectives



1- Introduction of domestic and international goods to promote development of commerce in addition to production and export capabilities.

2- Introduction of goods produced in the Zone to domestic and international businessmen and traders plus provision of facilities and ease of export

3- Exchange of information, innovation and creativity to obtain the latest global technologies and development of business relations among domestic and international traders industrialists

4- Organizing international exclusive and specialized exhibitions of foreign countries on Kish Island to introduction local traders to commercial goods of those countries.

5- Organizing forums and specialized sideline conferences for most exhibitions

6- Recognition and attraction of qualified foreign exhibition participants and development of trade and investment relations with them

7- Organizing permanent exhibition of commercial goods produced on the Island to demonstrate export and production capabilities of Kish Free Zone to international traders.



Kish International Exhibition Center



Kish Investment and Development Company is responsible to organize exhibitions in Kish Free Zone.

Kish International Exhibitions Center in an area of 21000 square meters and three halls is located next to Kish International Airport.

This Center is used to organize big exhibitions and some smaller simultaneous exhibitions. 

To participate and showcase exhibition goods, all participants shall contact the organizer of the exhibition to get information regarding facilities, how to import exhibition goods and the relevant customs regulations.








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