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CIBEX 2006




  Exhibition Info


Exhibition name

3rd International Exhibition of Building & Civil Engineering


CIBEX 2006

The Objectives of the Exhibition


Supply Equipment, Technology & Services in the field of Building & Civil Engineering.

Exhibit Profile


Plastic products for the building industry

Doors, windows and skylights, plastic

Shutters, blinds and awnings, plastic

Sanitary installations, plastic

Tar and bituminous products

Paints and primers

Varnishes, lacquers, stains, distempers

Mastics, putties and sealing compounds

Chemicals for building materials

Coking plant products

Stone products

Mineral insulating materials NES


Gypsum plasters and lime

Gypsum, plaster and stucco products


Concrete products

Concrete prefabricated buildings and building components

Fibre cement products

Artificial and reconstituted stone products

Sanitary equipment and bathroom accessories in earthenware, fireclay and vitreous china

Ceramic and clinker building products

Structural metal fabrications for civil and marine engineering, hydroelectric works and power transmission lines

Structural metal fabrications for building work

Prefabricated metal buildings, greenhouses, glazed metal structures, verandas

Non-structural metal fabrications for building work

Scaffolding and ladders, metal

Barriers, grilles, railings, fences and gates, metal

Doors, windows and skylights, metal

Shutters, blinds and awnings, metal

Sanitary equipment and bathroom accessories, metal

Roofers', glaziers' and decorators' tools

Masons' and miners' tools

Builders' tools

Metal components and fittings for gates, doors, windows, skylights, shutters, blinds and awnings

Locksmiths' articles, safes and security installations

Drilling, boring and sinking machinery and equipment for civil engineering

Cement, sand lime and plaster product making plant and equipment

Concrete product manufacturing plant and equipment

Clay tile and brick production plant and equipment

Mineral fibres and fibre cement processing plant and equipment

Building machinery and equipment NES

Concrete mixing and placing machinery and equipment

Earth-moving and road making machinery and equipment

Road maintenance machinery and equipment

Railway track construction and maintenance machinery and equipment

Bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment

Harbor, river and canal construction and maintenance machinery and equipment

Mosaics, artistic

Paintbrushes and rollers

Land clearance and reclamation contractors

Demolition and blasting contractors

Bomb disposal services

Earth-moving, excavation, foundation and tunneling contractors

Transport infrastructure engineering contractors

Civil engineering contractors NES

Hydroelectric, harbor and inland waterway contractors

Spring, well, irrigation and water supply contractors

Offshore and underwater work contractors

Oil and gas drilling and exploration contractors

Mineral prospecting and extraction contractors

Power line and cable contractors

Road and airport signals contractors

Building contractors

Formwork contractors

Building industry contractors

Concrete mixing contractors

Roofing and wall cladding contractors

Pipe work and tubing installation contractors

Plastering contractors

Painting and facade coating contractors

Industrial and domestic chimney contractors

Flooring, paving and tiling contractors

Building insulation and weather-proofing contractors

Gas, water, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plant installation and maintenance contractors

Sports complex and sports ground construction and maintenance contractors

Swimming pool installation and maintenance contractors

Electrical installation contractors

Telecommunication installation contractors

Fire protection, safety and security installation contractors. Locksmiths

Glazing contractors

Fitting out and furnishing contractors. Interior decoration/design

Fencing contractors

Scaffolding contractors, building protection services

Drying out of buildings services

Removal of hazardous materials from buildings

Building and office cleaning contractors

Building maintenance services

Building pest control services

Building materials and supplies

Prefabricated buildings

Sanitary equipment and bathroom accessories

Earth-moving, road making and construction machinery and equipment

Hire and rental of civil engineering and building industry machinery and equipment


Town and regional planning




Open to

Experts & Public


Expo Kish
Kish Free Zone Organization
Kish Trade Promotion Center


Iran Ministry of Housing & Urban Development
Iranian & Ociety of Consulting Engineers.
Iranian Society of Mass Housing Builders.



23 - 26 May 2006

Exhibition Area

Indoor Exhibition Space 14000 sqm
Outdoor Exhibition Space 7000 sqm


Kish Free Zone, I.R. of Iran
Kish International Exhibition Center

Working Hours

18 - 22 p.m.


Participation Charges

Indoor Space
* Shell Scheme (min space 12 sqm ) : 280 US $ per sqm
Each 9 sqm stand is equipped with surrounding partitions, carpeting, fascia with the company name, Spotlights, one table, 2 chairs, electricity outlet (5 amp/220v single phase), one waste paper basket.

* Raw Stand Space: 240 US $ per sqm.
The organizer may provide exhibitors with a bare surface (if requested by exhibitors) and in this Case the exhibitors are required to build their own expenses. The minimum space for allocation shall be 30 sqm.

Outdoor Space
*Raw outdoor space: 170 US $ per sqm.
*Temporary outdoor covered space: 220 US $ per sqm.

The organizer will provide the exhibitor a temporary outdoor covered stand. Each 20 sqm. Of this Kind of stand will include floor carpet, 4 chairs, one table, 5 lights (100w each), one 5 amp/220v single phase socket, one waste paper basket and fascia with the company name.
The minimum space for allocation shall be 20 sqm.


Terms & Conditions

? Acknowledging the rules and regulations, the application form will be completed by the exhibitor and be sent to the exhibition?s secretariat up to 23 April 2006.

Making & installation stand
? If the exhibitor came to a decision to install the stand him/herself, the plan of stand must be delivered to the organizer 30 days before holding exhibition.
? A contractor will be introduced to the organizer that, as soon as the organizer confirmation and submission of deposit (at least 50% of total charges), installation will be started.
? Organizer must adjust any changes in plan.
? Every executive actions and decoration will be taken place 24 hours before inauguration as additional things and empty boxes are sent
out of exhibition space.
? Every damage to the exhibition buildings or any part or any of the fixtures and fittings shall indemnify the organizer in respect of
expert?s view.
? The organizer will arrange for the cleaning of outdoor and indoor areas.

Safety & security
? Exhibitors are required to carry out necessary measures for safekeeping of their goods & precious exhibits against fire and other
unpredicted events.
? Exhibitors must remove out all the inflammable materials such as empty boxes and packing materials from exhibition and avoid keeping
them on the route of electricity cable or back of panels.
? Organizer wills advice a place for storage unnecessary materials.
? Organizer will tolerate any damage arises by him.
? Naked lights or any flame-producing articles are prohibited from storage in the halls. Neither oil nor other types of fuel may be stored
on the site.

Vacating Exhibition Spaces
? Packing and gathering exhibited goods must be take place 1 day after the termination of exhibition.
? Exhibitors should vacate pavilions; stands and other installation then hand them over to the organizer no later than 3 days after
termination of the exhibition.
? In case that an exhibitor fails to vacate his pavilions after specified date, the organizer can to vacate his pavilions and all charges in this
regard must be tolerated by exhibitor.
? Storage charges would be back to the exhibitor if there were any problem in respect of moving out of goods from exhibition.
? Organizer can own exhibitor?s goods after one month if no liquidation has taken.
? In case that the damages charges came more than the value of exhibited goods, the organizer can ask for the reminder.

Move in & Move out of goods (custom affairs)

? Move in goods from origin country to Kish Island is licensed.
? Move out of all imported goods from origin country to Kish would be affected after showing custom Invoice and air & Marian bill of
loading which, were received in time of entering to Kish Island.
? Secretariat dep. must be informed by exhibitors of the list of goods, their quantity, and weight in addition to above items, maximum
15 days before moving in them.
? Move in & out of goods to/from exhibition must be done based on instruction of organizer.
? All costs as shipment and clearance from customs to exhibition place, would be in charge of exhibitors.
? Organizer would introduce a forwarder & custom contractor to exhibitors.


Terms of Payment

50% of the total charges should be paid before 18 March.2006 and the remaining balance before 23 April.2006 The completed application form together with a copy of payment order participation in CIBEX 2006 should be sent to the exhibition secretariat at the following address:

Secretariat of CIBEX 2006

No.60, fifth floor, no.25, Malek Str., Tehran, Iran

Tel/ Fax : +98 21 7529214/7634602/7634561/7633234/7529711/7634718


The organizer reserves the right for acceptance or rejection of the application forms The Payment Order to be sent to:

No.60, fifth floor, no.25, Malek St., Tehran, Iran

Sepah Bank
Engelab Branch
Account No.: 99258

How Travel To Kish ?

To reach kish free zone, visitors and exhibitors can take one of the daily direct flights from Dubai (U.A.E) with no entry visa required. Alternatively, visitors and exhibitors travel to tehran (after obtaining a visa) and then take one of the daily flights to kish.








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